A Principle That Hangs Between Success and Failure

Between where you are and where you want to be or where you don’t want to be, lies the power of Choice. You can’t avoid exercising this power; the only thing that will make a difference is the outcome. At some point, you must choose your career path, spouse, diet, lifestyle, etc. The difference in outcomes will depend on what you choose.

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Who Does That?

Have you ever heard such a statement? Wrong question! Do you remember the last time you heard such a statement? Maybe not verbatim as I have it here, but in its implication?  “Who does that” is used to bring out an idea that someone has behaved in a way we don’t expect them to act, […]

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When Men Weep in Public

Manhood is special. Manhood is volatile. Manhood is tough. Manhood is a higher calling. Men endure pain and suffering untold for a cause they believe in. It almost seems that there is some silent element in the definition of manhood that has to do with the ability to withstand a given degree of pain. How […]

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Every Army Needs an Anthem

Among the 2047 published works of Isaac Watts, this song of Holy fortitude, stands tall and gallant as one of the most thought-provoking and inspiring songs. Going by the question “Am I a soldier of the Cross?” Appended to his Sermons, published in 1721-24, in 3 volumes, and intended to accompany a sermon on  1 […]

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“Please Mind the old man!”

I saw him trudging slowly,  Burdened with weights,  Suffering from obvious fatigues of a long journey,  Her daughter also lifted whatever the luggage remained,  Innocent and simple,  I concluded that it was her first time in Nairobi.  But she was safe, a caring father endured all odds greatest of which is age,  To see her […]

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Five Secrets To Happiness That Anyone Can Afford.

Happiness and abundant life is one thing that most people find far from their reach. A lot of people think they could afford it if they had more money than their current financial obligations. Others believe, if they had the sweetest spouse, they could achieve self-actualization. Others think they can find it in publicity and grandeur. So people try reaching out to all these things, and the majority end up stressed or even sad because there seem to be endless voids in their hearts. 

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Adam Was Not a Jew

Talk of a hard piece of article to write; I don’t know any other than this. The title itself is suggestive, and the chances are high that someone or even all of you are clicking the link because of curiosity. The danger is that I can judge its effectiveness by the traffic created by a […]

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We have had to endure cold,And wander in privation untold,We have hard to settle for spaces flint,With comfort but a pint,We have had to maintain our fidelity,When the chords around sing infidelity,What about hostility to piety?In all the feasts of gaiety?So we must crack our heads all the time,Finding an excuse to let go of […]