A World Without Social Media

Thinking about a world without social media (SM) in A.D 2021 is a thought almost unheard of. In this time and age when our lives have been intertwined with SM, we cannot imagine a world without status updates and timeline updates. We cannot imagine a life without double-tapping on Instagram photos, a lot of which […]

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Whose Boyfriend are You?

I think it’s out of sympathy,That the world is celebrating today,All the boyfriends.So you are a boyfriend, A nice boyfriend who has committed himself with passion put to use to some damsel,Who now can with confidence,Disappoint all who knock at their emotional doors with a four a letter word that men do not want to […]

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My Greatest Fear

I in no wise doubt this statement which in the Bible has been declared three hundred and sixty-five times,Deliberately to have one for each day, That “Do not be afraid!”But there are a few things that scare me,I’m afraid of undecided lifestyle,Casting my lot with the saints and yet indifferent about occupying a space at […]

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