A Hero Missing in the Guinness World Records

All and sundry, appreciate heroic deeds

We have heroes in the Guinness book of records for several deeds of valor,

 Great athletes, great musicians, great leaders, great citizens, and statesmen, 

We have great generals at whose approach the nations trembled in dismay, 

We have geniuses of thought and invention, 

We have rocket scientists and otherwise, 

But a hero is conspicuously left out, 

I mean the Hero of the Cross

Before the foundations of the World were laid, 

He had placed Himself in the line, 

When in the garden man fell into the decoy of the enemy, 

He got himself responsible for the wages of the disobedient, 

While awaiting the final duel on a hill called Calvary, 

He proved Himself ‘God with us,’ 

His hand was on the Ark guiding it safely during the deluge, 

He walked with the patriarchs of old, preserving them from the bloodthirsty men, 

He kept Joseph in the strange and tempting hand of Egypt, 

He led the Israelites in the pillar of fire and cloud through the wilderness to the promised land, 

He kept the faithful prophets and Kings through conflict and courage, 

He preserved a remnant of His people from the Babylonia vassalage, 

To take humanity when Adam stood in his unfallen glory in Eden could be still a great abasement for divinity, 

But He took humanity with its liabilities after four thousand years of sin,

For his home, God chose Nazareth, 

A place proverbial for wickedness, 

For it prompted a question, “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” 

But in choosing Nazareth, He simply identified with all of us, 

So that none of us can excuse his unholy attributes to a filthy neighborhood, 

In the wilderness of temptation, 

He won the battle over appetite, 

The failure of which Adam got us into the mess, 

Thus it was easy for Him to refuse false worship at the exchange of the riches of this world, 

The enemy left Him, but for a while, 

Planning the severest test any of us will ever face,

His entire ministry was a battle and march, 

At the garden of Gethsemane, 

The enemy came up with a three year’s preparation for the final duel, 

His pains were magnified and sorrows more than doubled, 

The disappointment of people He stood to save was egregiously presented to make Him change His mind, 

His disciples were sleeping when they were supposed to comfort Him, 

Those who claimed to have the oracles of God were planning His funeral, 

One of His disciples was to betray Him, 

The passionate Peter was going to deny Him, 

The temptation to let the ungrateful victims face the battle on their own was overwhelming, 

In Gethsemane, the future of the human race trembled on the balance, 

But in this Garden, He once more affirmed that He would die for is, 

And so he endured the cruel torture of all that human wickedness could invent, 

The whip, the denial, the body shaming, the jeering of the crowd, 

He took all of them dumb as a lamb to be slain, 

For His case, Jewish leaders adopted the Roman Cross taken from the Carthaginians, 

And again He took it all in silence, 

At the cross, he sympathized with women of Jerusalem who mourned for Him, 

At the cross, His power to save set liberty a repentant renegade, 

He rested in the tomb in obedience to Day he had blessed, then He Arose, 

Breaking the fetters of death and grave, 

And now He is ministering to the heirs of salvation in the temple made not by human hands, 

He had assured us, “Let not your heart be troubled.” 

And so we believe He is coming in a little while, 

To put an end to the interference caused by the fall of humanity, 

And restore the world to its pristine condition, 

He is not demanding a place in Historical halls of fame, 

But in hearts and allegiance, 

It is our privilege to Remember the old rugged cross, 

Not by using it as jewelry for saints and sinners, 

But by getting ready for the Coronation of the King, 

To Calvary, 

He went as a lamb to be slain, 

But He will come as lamb no more, but a conqueror king, 

What is more important then than a preparation to meet Him clad in the robes of righteousness? 

For yet a little while, and he shall come.

The Hero of he Cross. Music by Derrol Sawyer

15 thoughts on “A Hero Missing in the Guinness World Records

  1. He won the battle of Appetite,He endured whip, denial, body shaming, the jeering of the cross,
    The centurion seeing what had happened, praised God, and said, “surely this was a righteous man” Luke 23:47

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  2. An Amazing thought. It kept me thinking how can he be in the Guinness book of record yet he is reproving the world of their sins? Those who are there are seeking their own praises but He is calling us to die to self. Let’s celebrate Him In our lives day in day out . He is recorded enough in the world’s greatest book the Bible.


  3. Lord, You are conspicuously missing in the World’s Guinness book of records because You are not of the world!
    I believe You are conspicuously in the Divine Book of Records. All the Glory and honour is Yours forever and ever 🙏

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