Three Things That Will Make You Employable Anywhere.


Have you seen people who are fired from one job and immediately secure other more lucrative ones? Have you ever admired how lucky they are? At least that’s how most people think it is for them–luck all the way. 

I’ve seen a few people in that category. I can confidently name them. In the world of Media, it seems to happen repeatedly to one Larry Madowo, a Kenyan journalist who serves with CNN. Before securing his current position at CNN, he worked with another news giant British Broadcasting Corporation(BBC). His position at BBC was preceded by a position with Citizen TV, a Kenyan Media Magnate, under the Royal Media Services. If he announces that he is a free agent today, he will be bombarded with even more lucrative offers. 

Apart from Larry, there’s José Mourinho in the world of soccer. Mourinho is a Portuguese football manager who has made outstanding achievements over the years. He has been a top coach, conquering the major European Leagues, and currently, he works with AS Roma, an Italian-based football club. If you sack José today, clubs will be looking for him tomorrow until he gets overwhelmed on where to go. 

There could be more in this category, up to and including you, who is reading this now. But the majority are in that category that are writing another chapter of Lamentations over joblessness. This category feels unlucky and feels like there’s favoritism shown to those better placed. The truth is that luck does not make people thrive everywhere. Luck is not consistent. There must be something that makes a difference in life. There’s a reason why tarmacking is becoming your job, while someone does not know the meaning of joblessness. 

What makes a difference? The following tidbits will make you employable anywhere:

  1. Making your Employer Need You

Jobs always exist where the two interests meet. There is the interest of the employer and that of the employee. Employees often make mistakes trying to explain why they need the job. But they forget that this is none of the potential employer’s business. All employers have their own businesses to cater for, which has nothing to do with employing you. If you can prove to companies and potential employers why they need you, you will always be looked out for by companies. 

The trick is not trying to be emotional and struggling to make people be in your shoes. They have their own problems they want to solve. Make them realize that your presence will make a big difference in their enterprise. You can do this by presenting your track record or identifying the gaps you will fill if they have you on board. Make them find it a privilege to have you. Try offering something that no one else does. This will make you an outlier as far as that skill is concerned, and you will always edge past all your peers. If you can, gather as many qualifications for your area of operation by learning. You can add another certificate or even a diploma or a degree. Above all, it is the mastery of the work, which may sometimes defy academic papers. Aim to be at the top five percentile in all the considerations that will make one person chosen over the rest. 

  1. Being a Team Player

Most employers have their systems organized so that one department is dependent on the performance of the other. Like players on the field, the team’s performance depends on the performance of every team member. A mistake by one player can be very costly to the entire team. A team loses together and wins together. A team member cannot make sense and enhance team spirit when he neglects his contributions to the cumulative growth of the team. If your role is to defend the team, you must do it well. The offensive side must show the same. 

If you cannot work on fitting into the team, no employer has a business accommodating your bad habits in their investment. You must polish your interpersonal skills. You must learn by constant practice and deliberate patience–a skill never taught in class–how to work with people. The ability to work with others is a great argument in your favor. Companies will drop men and women who graduated magna cum laude for those who know how to make people work willingly and give out nothing less than their best. No employer wants to solve scandals. If you are ill-mannered and a walking scandal, you may need to replace your sole for further tarmacking. 

  1. Work ethics

Ethical concerns are not a small matter. It ranges from your ideals at a personal level to performance at work. How do you handle yourself? Are you safe to be associated with outside of work? Are you the one who drinks himself to disorder and forgetfulness? 

How do you relate with the men in blue? Are you the one enlisted with notorious rats? Is society safe having you in positions of responsibility? Must you be audited before you can be trusted? Or are you the kind who maintains a huge chasm with the audit reports? Can the company maintain operating leverage if your boss is out of duty for a month and you’re left in charge? 

I cannot get a better example of an ethical employee than that in the pages of the Holy writ about Joseph as a domestic manager in the house of Potiphar. He was so faithful that his master trusted him with everything except his wife. Concerning his duties, it was a waste of resources looking for an audit report. Here is the argument that Joseph had in his curriculum vitae:

Work experience and Appraisal:

KJV Genesis 39:6

 And he (Potiphar) left all that he had in Joseph’s hand; and he knew not aught he had, save the bread which he did eat. And Joseph was a goodly person, and well-favored.

There are individuals today who can become dynasties if their bosses do not have a record of their net worth. Look at Joseph, and learn something that all employers need. Imagine Potiphar being asked, “How much money do you have?” And, he says, “Please ask Joseph.” Joseph proved himself a work ethic in shoes.  Can you be trusted with duties? Must a lot of measures be put in place for you to take your duties seriously? No one wants a crook in their enterprise. 

If you can find a way of being in the hedge of the three qualifications above, you will be useful anywhere. A lot of people want to be employed but are unemployable. You can be different. 

15 thoughts on “Three Things That Will Make You Employable Anywhere.

  1. Yes it’s indeed true if we elevate the above 3 key points we can thrive anywhere….on top it reminds the 14 principles of management Henri Fayol being the proponent….. someone needs to go through the article of Henri Fayol.

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