A  Capital Better than MONEY

People are extremely in a hurry nowadays. It seems like we do have less than twenty-four hours nowadays. So, If you don’t have time to read this article, you can still get the idea from a single quotation in this article. Just scheme through and find in the book entitled “Education”, then continue with your busyness. This, however, may not grant you the benefit that will accrue to diligent readers, who will spare their five minutes to read every word in this piece.

Anytime you want to venture into a new thing, the most crucial factor is the capital. It is the spark of life that sets the systolic and diastolic sequence of projects. If you think of a new project, be it business, community empowerment, academic pursuit, or even dating, you must be well aware of the financial aspect. Who will fund it, how are they going to find it, when are they going to find it, and to what extent will they fund it? 

From my economics class in undergrad, I remember a profound statement by my professor,  as we were discussing the project cycle, “You don’t start a project by faith.” Faith, as used in this statement, referred to presumption, as many people take it. You have no execution plan, no sustainability plan, but somehow you just hope that things will fall into place. This is not faith but presumption. Faith is doing all that you’re supposed to do and then resting on the promises of God to bless the efforts employed. King Solomon, in his book, “The Ecclesiastes”, had this to say:

Feasting makes you happy and wine cheers you up, but you can’t have either without money.

Most people, especially the young, blame poverty for their struggles and seemingly unbreakable cycles of pauperism. The mindset is simply inclined to think that because they don’t have readily available capital, they can never work on any project that can make them more useful in life and afford them financial security. When they think about capital, their minds are logged in the $ & £ signs, and they cannot think of something else. 

I am not deconstructing the importance of finances in funding a novel project or even cushioning sustainability. We all need money, and that is why we wake up early and sleep late or put in a little more effort when everyone else is giving up. But what makes money, money, is what makes money a challenging capital to make as the sole option —scarcity. Money is scarce. It is not readily available to everyone who needs it, and some are inheriting roadblocks and challenges, which almost makes their poverty unconquerable. It should be good news that there is a capital better than money. For this capital to edge past money, it must address the challenges posed by money as the traditional capital. 

The greatest question you are eager to get answered must be, what is this capital. Some itchy ones could have skimmed through, looking for this ‘motivational talk…’ especially because they think it is unrealistic that money can be outsmarted. Well, irrespective of your way to this paragraph, we’ve got you covered; nevertheless, shame on you, skimmer! This method is not going to work for the schemers. Some discipline may be required in this respect. 

I will start with a quotation that summarises this whole idea. 

Even in this age of passion for money getting, when competition is so sharp and methods are so unscrupulous, it is still widely acknowledged that, for a young man starting in life, integrity, diligence, temperance, purity, and thrift constitute a better capital than any amount of mere money.”Education P. 137

In this respect, a capital better than Money is “integrity, diligence, temperance, purity, and thrift”. When you read this, you could be reminded of my post of 11th October 2021, “Skilled but Unemployable.”  I would tweak it to say that there is something better than money. I want to demystify the idea that money is the problem, no, never. But I want to present something far better than money. The safest combination would have been having “integrity, diligence, temperance, purity, and thrift” and something good on top in the form of financial muscle. But strangely enough, money is scarce, yet no one can be too poor to develop a moral backbone. No one can claim and make sense that their questionable integrity, intemperance, and wastefulness is due to poverty. We have a choice of working on ourselves to either be reliable or useless, to be moral agents or mere automata. 

The world’s greatest challenge is not lack of finances but lack of men and women who can be trusted with duties. There are people too rich for their needs and who are willing to give out with purely altruistic motives, but the question is,  ‘who can be trusted?’ People will squander even those monies meant to cater for orphans to their private affairs. Society is terrorized with questionable characters, and we are at a point of not knowing what to do. The young people setting up in the chaotic and turbulent waters are almost persuaded that they can only be successful by joining the unscrupulous discord sung by the men and women of the moment. Must it be so?

Young people should realize that it is possible to be somebody in life without using the questionable methods of the moment. Did you know that these questionable methods are not easy, and worse still, costly? Money is good, but it cannot rank anywhere near a good character and usefulness. Be somebody that can be trusted with duties. 

Everyone is looking for money, and many people are willing to get it whichever the cost. You can make a difference by being more qualified by limiting your options to only those that harmonize with your ideals. I don’t know what you think, but I think it is a life wasted if one cannot earn money and has questionable character at the same time. Money is scarce, but the capital of character is within everyone’s reach. It is a capital that will be appreciated everywhere, even by the corrupt. It may take time to be rewarded, but it will always prove worth the patience. 

4 thoughts on “A  Capital Better than MONEY

  1. Money is scarce, but the capital of character is within everyone’s reach. It is a capital that will be appreciated everywhere, even by the corrupt. It may take time to be rewarded, but it will always prove worth the patience. very powerful .

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