A World Without Social Media

Thinking about a world without social media (SM) in A.D 2021 is a thought almost unheard of. In this time and age when our lives have been intertwined with SM, we cannot imagine a world without status updates and timeline updates. We cannot imagine a life without double-tapping on Instagram photos, a lot of which is more of a dose to our voyeuristic disorders. Nowadays, if you want to know if someone is happy in their relationships or otherwise, you only need to check the philosophy on their updates.

Maybe a reflection on the 4th of October 2021, when WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram experienced a global technical disruption, was eye-opening. How was the experience for you? I would like to hear your experience in the chat section. Mine was quite a funny one. It found me in the countryside, and I had lots of easy scapegoats. I could easily blame the poor connectivity in the countryside or my service provider, which was not the dominant one in that part of the world.

At the time of lapse, I had loaded my mobile data, and to my dismay, my notifications didn’t begin trickling in as usual. I immediately started the layman techniques we often use to fix low bandwidth. I was sure my mobile device was driving the mobile data at the fourth generation of the broadband cellular network (4G). I navigated through different SM platforms and realized Facebook, WhatsApp, and IG were unresponsive. However, Twitter and my website were loading real-time. I tried vacillating between flight mode and restarting my phone to see if I could get my darlings back, but this was continuous futility. The situation was saved when someone also questioned the connectivity. I got fully persuaded when I saw a thread on Twitter informing the world of the hitches with the SM related to Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, an American media magnate.

I was keen to hear from my friends, especially those on Twitter. Many people confessed to being bored and forced to listen to music they had never included on their bucket list. This ordeal was, however, fixed early the following day. As expected, the meme lords picked it up from there and presided over the funeral program of IG, Fb, and WhatsApp. Many crude jokes and mild untruths were served, and the people are back to normalcy, as we can see today. In the event of all these tides, I began thinking about a world without social media. Have you ever imagined such a world?

I appreciate the advantages that have accrued to the world as a result of social media. We can quickly get to know what is happening the world over. People can easily campaign against enemies of the people through online petitions. I know that money is made online by those who are creative and thoughtful. Altruistic strangers have supported people because SM has gathered us together in one great web of humanity. All these notwithstanding, can we imagine some benefits of a world without social media?

Social media platforms are not a timeless reality. The oldies did not know about them or even see them. Maybe to put it in perspective, Facebook was founded in 2004, Twitter in 2006, WhatsApp in 2009, Instagram in 2010, Telegram in 2013, and TikTok initially released in 2016 (stably released in 2021). These mediums have millions of verified accounts that are ever active. But what about those who lived in the past years? How was life for generation X, baby boomers, or even in antiquity? Were they less happy with zero likes after tagging 30+ people on their Facebook posts? Were they disappointed by those who failed to follow them back on Twitter? What about those who ignore the appeals for support on WhatsApp and the team Gb Whatsapp who can still inadvertently access your deleted dirt on WhatsApp?

Are there some benefits that social media has deprived us of?

A world without social media

I am longing for a world,
A world without social media,
No pressure to keep up to date,
People who care less if I had my dinner or if my rent was paid on time.

I am longing for a world,
A world with no WhatsApp,
No heartbreaking blue ticks,
No three hundred-plus views with less than five responses,
Boasting over five hundred views, yet I struggle to have a shoulder to lean when my world is falling apart.

I am longing for a world,
A world without Facebook,
No five thousand friends who keep on liking even when I raise my bereavement banner,
No photophilic people who cannot read even small paragraphs yet keep scrolling down the bottomless pit looking for nothing.

I am longing for a world,
A world without Twitter,
No trolls and endless bullying,
No thousands of solutions which are but sinking sand and falling pillars.

I am longing for a world,
A world without Instagram,
No dazzling sights and tempting sounds that creates in us unnatural appetites,
Making us stultify our commitment to β€˜no voyeurism.’

I am longing for a world,
A world with no Social media,
Where I spent lots of time listening to the old generation and the experienced,
Battling with the temptation to post or hush my little success to a mixed multitude of outright haters and a few sympathizers.

I am longing for a world,
A world where family time is family time,
No disruptions by the un-updated timelines and insatiable audience.
But where we can in peace enjoy the summer moon and have no pressure to post it anywhere.
Where we crave the appreciation of those who genuinely love us rather than a stranger who is supposed to mind their own business.
If you know the way to that world, let me know,
I will hustle the logistics even if it means a superhuman effort.

This poem was a simple eye-opener. One thing about technological growth is its irreversibility. We cannot crucify all the social media craving our attention. They are a present reality and stubbornly are here to stay irrespective of our opinion. But we must not forget what social media has robbed us. As we enjoy its blessing, let us not cast a blind eye on its inconveniences.

8 thoughts on “A World Without Social Media

  1. A world without social media!! How lovely it will be… Not spending a cent in buying data.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Not worrying about poor network issues. Not spending too much time on electronic gadgets. I crave for such a world.

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  2. This world is available still. What about you restrict yourself from not being part and parcel of this SM platforms. What If you embrace nature and it’s environs as your daily friend . We can avoid as much as possible where we are not needed and you can enjoy a world with SM whilst not being part of all the platform but be sure you will need something to replace that with.

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