Whose Boyfriend are You?

I think it’s out of sympathy,
That the world is celebrating today,
All the boyfriends.
So you are a boyfriend,
A nice boyfriend who has committed himself with passion put to use to some damsel,
Who now can with confidence,
Disappoint all who knock at their emotional doors with a four a letter word that men do not want to hear,
This sentence is, “I have a boyfriend”
Served cold and without an iota of euphemism πŸ˜€.
But to all the men out there,
I’m concerned and I cannot help but ask,
Whose boyfriend are you?

Is she a Queen πŸ‘‘?
A damsel who is so trained in duties that when called to fill the position of a wife and a mother, she will preside as a Queen in her own domain?

Is she beautiful?
I mean according to your own taste and preference that when given an option of all the millennial baby faced campus babes, you will choose her over again?

Is she loyal?
A damsel who raises your flag, sings your anthem and stands attention telling the world that you’re the man in her Heart πŸ’œ

Is she faithful?
A damsel who brings no strangers into the first energy level where mirth of love and sweetness is to be kept exclusive for ye twain? Or she’s a feigning queen of the night who serves you doses of heart attacks by giving a five-minute full body hug to bearded men, and introduce a new bestie every fortnight 🀠

Is she respectful?
A lady who knows that men thrive on respect rightly earned or sympathetically donated, and that men interpret respect as love?

Is she Considerate?
A damsel who consider it not an exploitation to buy you even a simple pair of suspenders with which to suspend the weights on the shoulders πŸ˜‚

As a man, know that your worth has much to do with the woman you connect with. If you were to become a Governor, with a good woman you will be a President, but if you get a crook, you will not appear anywhere in the hall of success.

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