My Facemask Has Saved Me. 

We used to see them worn by surgeons in an operating theatre, 

But Covid-19 has sent them to the streets, 

So that even those who can’t spell the word ‘laboratory’ can use them. 

At the onset, I seriously loathed them, 

They seem to be at war with my life giving deep breaths, 

But now I have learned better, 

With my mask on, I don’t have to explain to a random individual why I’m sneering, 

Will they be patient enough to listen if I start telling it? 

With my mask on, I don’t need to explain why my lips are competing with clay soil in cracks, 

Will they be sensitive enough to realize I’m famishing and in néed of a reasonable portion of well-cooked food served generously? 

With my mask on, I don’t need to explain why I’m in a spot of bother, 

Will they understand that I am falling back with accommodation expenses for the third consecutive month? 

With my face well masked, 

I can endure the cracks, 

Defy the pains stacked, 

And Burst into a peal of noiseless laughter without the fear of being called crazy, 

Indeed, my Facemask has saved me. 

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