If You Were to Create Your Own Woman…

If you had the privilege of being the potter,
And your woman being in the form of clay still,
So that you begin the project of creating your own woman,
Bringing together the specs that would make you not look at the greener grass across the fence.
So you begin kneading clay, as one who makes dough for their bakery,
With excitement, you choose the most fertile and rich ground to outsource the earth,
In the hope that it would transform into a productive woman.
And ensuring the texture is just good enough, that she be smoother than velvet,
You remove all sand grains that may have entered the materials unsolicited,
The little sand grains are not aware that you want to outsmart the Grecian gods by surpassing the gorgeous Hellen of Troy.
With your articles set,
You get into an exciting assignment,
The skeleton is given, but the flesh you must begin packaging,
A simple work that the minuscule intracellular Golgi apparatus have always done,
But you are now sweating!
A full-grown man not sure how much to put where, a work that mere organelles have hitherto perfectly done,
You are stranded because you are struggling in settling between imitating the curvaceous Atieno or the voluptuous Kwamboka,
With a lot of difficulties, you get something which is a mix of both,
And your exultation is humbled yet again as you are in trouble again,
You cannot deny the loveliness of the darksome Jerono,
She is indeed dark and lovely, a thing you have always admired,
But the light-skinned Wambui has influenced your cravings for not so *conc melanin,
You can’t settle for anything here.
You decide to work on something else,
The hair, which is the crown of a woman’s beauty,
And you are sure you are going for the wavy blond Latina baby hair,
But how will this work with your woman whose skin tone you ain’t sure of?
You mix the two colors and get some rich mix, and fix her crown.
But before you settle down, you remember the legs and feet of Fatma,
On this, you are fully persuaded, and you easily drag and drop Fatma’s shapely feet and legs,
But immediately, you realize the legs do not match the body mix of Atieno and Kwamboka, and to fit in, you must trim the body to fit the legs you have settled on.
As you struggle to crop or drop,
Someone you have never seen passes, and you can’t help but appreciate the work of the master designer,
And with a fair share of disappointment, you give up and let God do his work.

If a man is in charge of creation, he will want a woman who is a mix of all the beauty he has ever seen around,
So that if it were possible, it would have obeyed here a little, there a little,
But surprisingly, this does not work, or men can be creating sempiternally,
Because every day we walk, something beautiful passes around us,
And this repeats every day without redundancy.

If men were to create their own women, they would invent another creation not yet made.

Let us choose one from the vast spectrum of all that bears the stamp of the creator,
His signature has always been, behold, it is very good.

22 thoughts on “If You Were to Create Your Own Woman…

  1. You can still choose from the vast spectrum and mould them to the person you want. God won’t give a finished product, its a material, with flaws, choose try to accommodate each other while trying to bring out the best version of what you all want.Don’t look for an angel in a human being

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  2. This is interesting! In East Africa, there’s this joke ongoing, ’ najua unatafuta wale lakini sisi ndio tuko’
    I know you’re looking for ready made angel but the available ones are just us…

    When principle of selectivity applied, we can select out the best.

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  3. 😂😂 inventing something that has not been invented yet. This is where God is seen as I am who I am and His glory He won’t share with anyone . How many human clones have been made but all an imitation of what God had first made. Meaning the creative power of God is what makes Him to be God . Making something out of nothing .

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