Why Jesus is Not Your Best Way to Salvation

Many people are harassed left, right and centre with a chaotic life. Many people, especially those concerned about their spiritual well being, often get worried about their disappointing and inconsistent lives. For many, their lives seem to be vacillating in the gamut of repentance and backsliding. After making one step of faith, they seem to be making giant steps of unbelief, disobedience and murmuring. It seems like we are building on sand, and before we realise it, we are gone in the ruins of the tidal wave. 

With good motives and desires to be giants of faith, we seem to be mocking Calvary all the time. After weeks of spiritual revival, we number ourselves with apostle Paul and Enoch. We seem to be in a mode of walking with God until we are no more like the oldest man who ever lived (Enoch), but before long, like Peter, we seem to be saying, “I don’t know that man!”

Have you ever seen such tendencies in your life? How did you handle them? I should not have asked ‘how did you handle them’ for I’m tempting you to imagine it is a relic of the past, but you could be mourning a shipwreck of faith as we speak now. So what are your plans? Have you developed a working plan? If you have, have you carried out a feasibility study? You see, making a plan is one thing; the success of that self same plan is another.  

The parable of the lost sheep best represents the struggle of a conscious spiritual backslider. Like the lost sheep, they are aware they are lost, but they don’t know how to get home. They are moving to and fro in the terrible and inchoate wilderness, and they can’t just find the way to get to the safety of their shepherd’s fold. They see different options, but they are worried that ravenous wolves do not spare the flock in some of these ways.  The attempts they have made have scared them back into the recesses of the wilderness, and they almost gave up. 

For the lost sheep, a few options can lead home, for, in normal circumstances, our roads join at a thoroughfare. Their greatest danger could be choosing the highway infested by terrible beasts. In this situation, if gifted with mental faculties, the sheep can gamble as we do by settling for the best option, which would be the safest way home. But not having the ability to carry out a SWOT analysis makes life hard for the sheep and reduces them to the point of utter discomfiture.   A lost sheep knows they are lost but are stranded on which way leads home. 

Unlike literal sheep, lost sheep in the spiritual content are aware they are lost but are in trouble finding the way home. Whereas the lost sheep can use a few options and connect homewards, it is different for a spiritually lost sheep. Most people are fooled to this extent. They think they have more options to get home. So they try settling for the best one while considering all the options available. But they always end up in trouble more than their initial status. So, this is the reason for frustrations for many people who choose the wrong path. They end up in the wolves’ den, and wolves are not converted. 

How many ways are there for the Spiritually lost?

In Comparative Adjectives, we have three degrees: positive, comparative, and superlative. So, for instance, a positive adjective ‘good’ can be appreciated to be better and best. When confronted with several options, we will always settle for the best. This makes sense in life. I don’t want to go to a better house or drive a better car, No! I want to have the best. I want the best University, the best spouse, the best of everything achievable by painstaking effort.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work when we are on a highway to regain our spiritual backbone. Our greatest challenge is that we have been deceived into assuming several options to regain our spiritual allegiance. Some people try mending their spiritual leakage by being busy in church, attending meetings after meetings. Some try hurting the flesh to pay for the moral lapse. Some try gaining favours of the people by appearing great among men. Some get close to the clergy and think they are closer to God. Some saunter for positions and high responsibilities to look as spiritual stakeholders. Some even pay money to be assured that their sins are forgiven. How do you treat your spiritual wounds?  

Why Jesus is Not the Best Way to God

When you saw the title of this article, you must have been afraid that there was an attack here. Maybe, you declared me an enemy of the cross. Well, you are not alone; we are in it together. At least you are more liberal because you have taken your time to read this piece of writing. I am still not sure if I could have read an article that ‘attacks Calvary.’ But blessed are you who have taken their precious time to read this work. It shows that you are like the faithful Bereans, for you read first before you jump around in spiritual blindness.  I would say you are safe with this write-up.

Surprisingly the question I seek to answer today, Christ himself answered. Have you read it before? In the gospel, according to Apostle John,  Christ prepares the disciples for the great disappointment they will have to go through as He faces the final struggle in the journey from Bethlehem to Calvary. What did Christ have to say? 

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. {John 14:6}

In answer to Thomas’ question, Christ made it clear that he was the way, the truth, and the life. He even went ahead to add that, besides Him, there is no other way. Jesus Christ is not the best way to God, but the only way.

Salvation has no comparative adjective. We don’t have options to access the throne of grace. We only have one way to the throne of God, and that way is Jesus. We make mistakes by thinking there are substitutes. The Priests, the Bishops, the pastors have their work to do, but they are not the way to God. Christ is the only way. If confronted with a fact of your spiritual battle, call to Jesus. He is not the best way, but the only way. If Christ is the best, it means there are other ways called ‘good’ or ‘better, but there are no other means to access God other than Christ. 

Are you confronted by the need to be fully on the LORD’s side? Christ is the way.

18 thoughts on “Why Jesus is Not Your Best Way to Salvation

  1. Always a berean

    If every idea we have entertained in doctrines is truth, will not the truth bear to be investigated? Will it totter and fall if criticized? If so, let it fall, the sooner the better. The spirit that would close the door to investigation of points of truth in a Christlike manner is not the Spirit from above. 5LtMs, Lt 7, 1888, par. 3

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  2. The Topic actually made me read this

    And woow,, the introduction speaks to almost everyone you know.
    Thus Jesus Christ is the ONLY way .
    Great writing 😊

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  3. I didn’t know what to expect while reading this. Let’s say I am stunned in the manner you brought it out.
    Nice one here. The only way, not the better way!

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