I saw a man living right in my space,
Rough and devoid of grace,
He was ready to quibble and murmur,
When not swimming in the pool of humor,
This man has invented another disability,
Of a step forward and three backward with agility,
This man knew how wrong others were,
While forgetting he too does err,
So he excused himself,
While skinning the neighbor’s self,
For the same things he was likely to commit,
Yet, he, too, had no permit.

A man used to live here,
Who wanted to call dear,
A flawless dime piece,
So that he could be all at peace,
But I have chased this man,
No more room to him even as a mun,
So now it is not about the dime anymore,
But making self qualified to handle more,
It is not about acquiring the best,
I will be the best and pass the test,
So now, when I pray,
Unlike a mule, I don’t just bray,
I thank God for all the great options he has laid in store,
Then ask him to make me a perfect gift when my seal they shall have tore,

A man used to live here,
Who God’s voice didn’t hear,
But depended on how he felt,
Even when His word legibly spelt,
Demystified the yardstick of feeling,
So while his skin roughly peeling,
He asked for forgiveness of today,s trespass,
Which like other tests he failed to pass,
But God assured him of forgiveness,
And not due to forgetfulness,
Asked him a question,
“Son, which tests do you here station,
“I still mean it when I say I will forgive and forget.”
The same justification you will today get.

This stranger often knock,
Threatening to holes pock,
But I changed my mind,
Never to be kind,
Unto this relic of the past,
Who want me to act the rebel’s cast,
I prefer the peace,
Even just a little piece,
Of being true to the man I know,
Who will never my tranquility gnaw,
He was not discouraged even by Calvary,
If it took that to equip us with Cavalry,
So now If I act like my life’s actuary,
I’m simply being an ambassador plenipotentiary,
So when you see the old man acting his part,
Just remind me I’m called to stand apart,

17 thoughts on “A MAN USED TO LIVE HERE.

  1. Hello. This is just amazing, a man used to tarry in me but now I have chased him by the power of the Almighty God and now the one who gave His life for my good at Calvary is on board.
    This is amazing but do me an article in, ‘The True measure of Success.’

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  2. And I can stand without fear of contradiction and say i am crucified with christ, nevertheless I live it is not I but Christ liveth in me…. I kept the man aside and christ the man came in . So if the man reminds me of my past I boldly remind him of his future.
    Good work there. 👏

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