Beware of Tares

We put our effort together,
All the tares to gather,
That our wheat may grow,
Like perfect cornrow,
So we Can’t stand seeing around,
Even a sickly tare occupying our ground,

But not so with God,
Who all of us guard,
He is well aware that there are tares in the choir,
Whose names are legibly written in the quire,
Yet He has declared patience,
Pure with no pretense,
That wheat and the tares will together occupy,
Till it is time for each to receive their pie,

So you may be a deacon yet a tare,
Confidently playing truth and dare,
Or whatever may be your calling,
You may still keep trying,
But if you are an ear of wheat,
Just remember tares too the good of the land eat,

So as you go along,
Don’t think that you together belong,
It is mixed multitudes,
With diverse attitudes,
While presumably to the promised land,
Some can anytime land.

8 thoughts on “Beware of Tares

  1. It has reminded me the parable of the lost coin. It’s lost but doesn’t know that it actually is. This piece is well fit for the church . Are you a tear or wheat? If one can identify with one then it’s easy to get salvation from there otherwise many will be lost.

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