My Facemask Has Saved Me. 

We used to see them worn by surgeons in an operating theatre,  But Covid-19 has sent them to the streets,  So that even those who can’t spell the word ‘laboratory’ can use them.  At the onset, I seriously loathed them,  They seem to be at war with my life giving deep breaths,  But now I […]

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I Still Love Beautiful Things

I may have had it rough and bumpy,The highway screeching and screaming,But I still love beautiful things,I will hold on to the steering wheel a little while,For I can’t give up hope,Or, to be bolder, giving up is too costly for me. The journey looks endless,The horizon stretching afar off,But I still love beautiful things,And […]

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What if They Knew?

What if they knew?That you are not what they thought you to be?Your parents believe you are a hardworking student, and they keep on reminding your relatives to prepare to be in the entourage witnessing your graduation. They just don’t know that you are the general of the notorious rats terrorising the suburbs of your […]

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I saw a man living right in my space,Rough and devoid of grace,He was ready to quibble and murmur,When not swimming in the pool of humor,This man has invented another disability,Of a step forward and three backward with agility,This man knew how wrong others were,While forgetting he too does err,So he excused himself,While skinning the […]


Beware of Tares

We put our effort together,All the tares to gather,That our wheat may grow,Like perfect cornrow,So we Can’t stand seeing around,Even a sickly tare occupying our ground, But not so with God,Who all of us guard,He is well aware that there are tares in the choir,Whose names are legibly written in the quire, Yet He has […]

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No to Suicide; But do we Mean it?

One characteristic of the millennials is a rising case of depressed people in real life but who are so happy online. When you see the posts seeking our attention on Instagram, Facebook, and disappointingly, on Twitter, you can easily conclude that we are happy people. You can think you are the odd one out because […]

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