A Tie that Should Not be Broken

Most organizations or committees consider an odd number while granting voting rights when decisions are reached through votes. This, however, can be hacked by some unavoidable circumstances. Such may include the absence of a member or when a vote has been spoiled. This leads to the very problem that was being prevented by an odd number—a tie. Under such circumstances, a chairperson is allowed to break the tie.

This, however, does not apply in all matters of life. There is a tie that was made deliberately in life and which we are not supposed to break. I call it the hierarchy of love.

What I am presenting today is extraordinary teaching and a thorn in the flesh to narcissists. Most people, to some extent, demonstrate narcissistic propensities. To be bolder, we tend to be skewed towards disorder of grandeur or megalomania. We rank ourselves so high than we deserve. Self-love makes us cling to power until we are obsolete and cannot be valid anymore, and even then, we still fight to death to be the center of attraction. We have people who must talk in every meeting, and when their ideas are not accepted, they feel like people are making a mistake. Some men feel like all the ladies with a 10/10 rating must be their’s and they will go over and beyond to put any union asunder. Self is a power that is driving the lives of many people. People will break curfews, impersonate others, and do every possible thing to gratify the desires of the self.

But today self is in trouble. I am coming on the self like a ton of bricks, and there is no mercy, even iota of it.

Thus goes the divine hierarchy of love:

“Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.” {Matthew 22:37-39}

Most people seem to feel safe when they love God with all their heart, soul, and mind, and then immediately love themselves and see if anything remains to be given to the neighbor. So it is God, self, and then the neighbor. Such mindset produces lives of faithfulness in tithes, and a fat token to self, then leftovers are kept ready to keep the neighbor at bay in case he appears seeking our help.

This, however, is not as God desired it to be. If we read it aright, God’s directive presents a tie that should never be broken. It is simple, “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.” After giving God justice, you and your neighbor are tying at position two. Don’t love your neighbor more or less, but as you love yourself. Your neighbor is not to be the one to clear the leftovers, but if you must show hospitality, then let them have a space at your dining table.

This order does not ask you to start living with the neighbor in your house or give them your girlfriend. We must not lose our heads as we exercise this divine order. Instead, we don’t subject them to something less than we want for ourselves, but rather, we recognize that they too deserve a space at the high table. After serving your term, create room for a peaceful transfer of office. Don’t insist that you still have something you didn’t do when the privilege was yours. Don’t even try to sabotage the leader of the day by carrying out underground operations because of your influence. Go home and take your new role in the home of retirees and only speak when consulted.

If this order was observed, the world’s problems could be reduced by more than half. The political, economic, religious, relational, and many more issues facing the world today are because self takes precedence. All the betrayals and bitter retaliations are in one way or the other resulting from self-interest. People break agreements when it is their turn to face the inconvenience of prioritizing the neighbor.

We must avoid treating anyone as a second-class citizen. Don’t think some woman is too beautiful for your neighbor until you appoint yourself to build negative energy around them, causing breakups.

Anytime you are tempted to think of yourself as more important than the rest, just realize it is sinful and a mental disorder. God designed that it should be him, then the rest to tie. As the chairperson, don’t break the tie, taking your neighbor higher or lower. All the conveniences that you feel will make your life better is needed by someone too. After getting what you want, make it easier for someone else to get what they need. Don’t hoard anything at times of scarcity to make windfall profits.

I think the most significant achievement in life is loyalty to God and compassion for humanity. The people the world has remembered did not make it to such coveted spots because they loved themselves the most. Instead, we all love Mother Teresa because of her altruism and devotion; we remember Nelson Mandela because of his messianic legacy in the struggle for South Africa’s independence. What about you? If perchance you have problems with Hitler, Iddi Amin, or Stalin, it is not because of their love for power, for every human being has an inherent desire to be powerful. Instead, we question their character because they used a repugnant method of stepping on anyone else to achieve their goals in their pursuit of power. Every system was broken and trampled upon that self may be satisfied.

We all have good taste. Try a little kindness. If you want to be the president today, you may not convince everyone. If you want the most beautiful girl, somebody else may present a better manifesto and take the damsel, but there is a vacancy somewhere. Try being more loving and caring; there is no competition in that field.

18 thoughts on “A Tie that Should Not be Broken

  1. I was once lodged by my friend somewhere. So he left for work and I was left alone in the room. After I woke up and sorted myself some breakfast, I was compelled to do some cleaning in the house. I made the bed, washed the utensils and cleaned the floor. He was to host me for two days and nights. So as I was doing all this, a thought strick me, ‘as much as I should love my neighbour as myself, to what extent should my service go?’ 😃
    I then put myself in his feet, if I were him what would I want see done coming home. I then realized I would be very much happy if the house had been kept clean. I would not want him to have washed my clothes or blacked my shoes. Just keeping the house clean woyldhavebee fine with me 😃.
    So I went ahead and made sure that, that which I could have expected of a friend lodging at my place, that was what I was to do. 😁

    Jesus heals the leper but doesn’t give him fare to see the priest for confirmation.

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      1. Amen,for this to be fulfilled (kill self) it requires not even humane or inhumane but divinity.
        The warfare against self is the greatest battle that was ever fought. The yielding of self, surrendering all to the will of God, requires a struggle; but the soul must submit to God before it can be renewed in holiness.

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  2. The self affinity is so intimate and inherent in man that many are the times it shows up even without our awareness and knowledge! People we need Christ to help us in this matter.

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  3. Self is the worst enemy in this heavenly journey. Once it is present then we are dead spiritually and no sense comes from us whatsoever. We must allow christ to live so that self can die otherwise whatever we do is just but legalism .

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