Another Category of Malnutrition

The state of the world is such that not all people can get everything they need all the time. Such factors as overpopulation in some places, underproduction, greed, and poverty have made it difficult for resources to be evenly distributed. To be bolder, only a few individuals control the global resources while the outstanding majority swim in the deep end of the sea of pauperism.

While on matters of nutrition, we can claim that our anorexic manifestations result from financial inability, what we will talk about today depends not so much on financial ability. While most of us are trying or die trying to maintain our food intake balanced, it seems an outstanding majority have been ignorant to this respect. So today, we are talking about Spiritual nutrition?

How’s your spiritual nutrition? Are you well nourished? Could it be that you’re spiritually starved? Maybe you can learn from your diet. The majority of people are strictly on three meals a day. Some do two meals a day. And there are the dustbins who only stop eating when it is time for bed, and as soon as they wake up after a series of nightmares, they start eating anything that can be eaten. If you are in the third category, shame on you!

People are very strict about their mealtimes. I remember as a little boy, our favorite teachers were those who respected meal times. I vividly remember our teacher of Physics, while in High School. If you can trace my High School, ask anyone who went through the white stream between 2012 and 2015 whom they wanted to have a lesson with a period to lunch break, and everyone will say it was Mr. Oniala. This is not because we all enjoyed Newton’s laws of motion but because our teacher handled the session. No sooner did the lunch bell go off than he stopped at whichever point he was. Even if he stated a definition of a term, it was time to stop as soon as he heard the bell. This meant we were always on time for lunch when he had a lesson with us a period to lunch break. What about at work? Who enjoys working with that CEO who calls staff meetings at lunch break?

Now let us compare this with our Spiritual nutrition. Evidence suggests that crammed mealtime prayers sustain many people. Most people face the week with the sermons they get on the Sabbath and any spiritual gatherings organized by their Clergy. After this, they drink the world to the dregs until they are completely saturated. At the end of the week, they spend one day, and some an hour or two, pretending to be enjoying communion with their Lord but deeply within longing to go back to their business as usual. So presumably pious people long for the sunset, while some seem to be pushing the sun into the western horizon so that they can start serving a buffet of the world. This results in spiritual malnutrition.

Unlike on matters of nutrition, the results of spiritual malnutrition are not readily published. But this does not mean there is an information asymmetry. You don’t need to look far to see the result of a one-day or a few hours of spirituality. People with characters extremely diverse from their maker are evenly distributed to meet one each day without redundancy. When you cannot differentiate who is a worldling and who is not, just know the professor of faith is down with spiritual marasmus. Could it be that you are thin and emaciated with weak and peeling spiritual skin?

When people cannot have a balanced food intake, we can excuse them and blame poverty or the greedy who hold more than they need. More people die from overeating than do the malnourished. Most people overeat. But the majority cannot secure their ideal dietary choices, so they settle for whatever is on the table.

But who wants to be excused for spiritual malnutrition? Maybe you can say you are not a theologian and cannot explain the deep things of God. But did you know of the three people who have been taken to heaven, none was a theologian? And those who presumed that the experience of the rabbinical schools could place them at vantage point were guilty of misinterpreting the prophecies? God has revealed himself through His works.

Look at the created World. Everything seems to have an inscription of The Creator’s hand though weakened by years of sin. When you see any green leaf, behind the chlorophyll is evidence of God’s creative power on the third day of the world. If you see the sun rising on the eastern sky, day four of creation should come to mind. The sun rules the day as is assigned by the master designer, and when the sun retires, we are all forced to get into our homes as God designed.

No one can blame their spiritual sickness on poverty in all aspects. Anyone who is stunted in their spiritual growth is guilty of neglect. If you are eating more than you study the word of God, the best you can ever achieve is obesity. You are eating yourself to death and attempting an impossibility—living by bread alone—and are guilty of spiritual suicide. This means that you are wasting your time and robbing the world of the blessings that come from true piety.

If you do three meals a day, your devotion should as well be threefold. When physical bread intake exceeds spiritual bread consumption, the energy acquired from such a feeding program will be used to annoy God and hurt fellow men. It is the bread of life that helps us to make useful decisions with the ATP we get from our tables, rich or meager they may be.

29 thoughts on “Another Category of Malnutrition

  1. When physical bread intake exceeds spiritual bread consumption, the energy acquired from such a feeding program will be used to annoy God and hurt fellow men.  wow this is powerful. I remember us singing read your Bible pray everyday if you want to grow but the reality of this song is as good as nothing.

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