Do We Really Need the Church?

Ecclesiastical history is marked with the traitors in our frontiers,
Hypocritical members threatening and promising,
A highway flooded with the blood of martyrdom,
Imperialists using the gospel of peace as a decoy for political ends,
Unconverted clergymen making it sickly and ready to die,
So do we need the Church?

Scholars will tell you to be an extreme skeptic till fully convinced,
Hedonists will tell you to seek pleasure and satisfaction making you a party animal,
Atheists will make you feel that you are wasting time gathering airs of sanctity about you,

But wait a minute, where do we all go when the reality of mortality hits us so hard?
To whom do we turn when the currents of life are withering?
Why don’t we call the skeptical to comfort us during bereavement?

We tend to forget that the wheat and tares grow together till the end of time,
So you can have tares singing in the choir,
Tares can be in charge of your Churchboard,
Tares can be leading in the worship and praise, lifting their deformed heads with boldness before the congregation,
But it’s still a church of God.

Before it is triumphant, the Church will be militant,
You may not find only the sincere and true,
For in the congregation we have the foolish and the wise virgins,
But as long as it is a pillar and a ground of truth, it is a church of God.

When privileged to cram other people’s opinions in our academic halls,
When privileged with economic muscles,
When privileged with the power to control the freedom and happiness of others,
We may like Pharaoh, ask, “Who is the Lord, that I should let the Israelites go?”
But unless you can talk like this on your deathbed, you were just a little pretender.

So do we really need the Church?

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