Whose Girlfriend Are You?

Whose girlfriend are you?
Is he a caring gentleman who will leave the ninety and nine to look for you when you are caught in the maze of life?

Whose girlfriend are you?
Is he loving and lovable? A gentleman who seeks not his own, but will go above and beyond to ensure you are safe and happy.

Whose girlfriend are you?
Is he soft and tender when handling you? A sentinel who modulates his voice to ensure you get the right decibel each time he professes love or serves a gentle rebuke.

Whose girlfriend are you?
Is he proud of you? A gentleman who walks carefree while holding your hands and comfortably introduces you to important people in his life.

Whose girlfriend are you?
Does he respect you? A gentleman who understands the line of demarcation between a girlfriend and a wife.

Whose girlfriend are you?
Are his eyes single? A gentleman who does not bombard you with mild heart attacks of, “Babe, meet my bestie”, who turns out to be a specimen in his love test.

Whose girlfriend are you?
Is he your best friend? A man you can share with all your joys and pains of life in black and white.

So whose girlfriend are you?

56 thoughts on “Whose Girlfriend Are You?

  1. Nice piece , prepare a piece on courtship , its responsibilities , limits , expectations , when to quit and when to fight for the relationship .

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