Why You Should & How to Break Loose from the Strong Chains of Addictions

What comes into your mind when you hear the word addiction? Are you lamenting under some terrible addiction that has turned you into an old rickety rackety wreck? Or do you have some friend you care about who is almost being reduced to a skeleton of a human being because of some unbreakable chain? Whoever […]

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Cleaver’s Quote of the Week

This week we are focusing on the World as our Lesson Book. We don’t need to provide another points of reference on the painful subjects of life while the same are available in the annals of time! You can read more in the article, “Some Things You Can Learn from the Lives of Others”

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A Tie that Should Not be Broken

Most organizations or committees consider an odd number while granting voting rights when decisions are reached through votes. This, however, can be hacked by some unavoidable circumstances. Such may include the absence of a member or when a vote has been spoiled. This leads to the very problem that was being prevented by an odd […]

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Another Category of Malnutrition

The state of the world is such that not all people can get everything they need all the time. Such factors as overpopulation in some places, underproduction, greed, and poverty have made it difficult for resources to be evenly distributed. To be bolder, only a few individuals control the global resources while the outstanding majority […]

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Feminism Unmasked

Feminism is a hot topic. It is a topic that brings about outbursts of emotion and endless debates. In most cases, the backlash and murmur are coming from points of less information. More often than not, endless arguments are sustained by ignorance and debate from opinion rather than knowledge. We need discourses backed up with […]

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