Why Women Should Rise Against The “Respect Women” Campaigns

The most important human being in my life is a woman, and that woman is my mother, the daughter of the lakeside. She prepared me to be faithful in duty both to God and man. As a little boy, she taught me how to pray and sing hymns. She prepared me for my first sermon when it was a Children’s program, and I was endorsed to stand on the sacred desk. As a strict disciplinarian, she dehorned me when I began growing the horns of childhood delinquence. As a teenager, she didn’t allow me to scoff and attend at will, the rendezvous of teenage distortions. She didn’t do this by an iron fist and compulsion but by talks, reproofs, and exhortations.

You may be wondering why I had to tell you about the daughter of the lakeside. Well, it was to bring you onboard to understand me well as I wade through the murky waters of this risky discourse. Women are excellent specimens in this world in their unique way that any other person cannot handle. The compassion of women is beyond that of men, and this does not make men bad but underpins women as unique beings. Maybe you may look in the pages of the sacred book and see Christ on the cross. The men he had traveled with for three and half years forsook him, but the women of Jerusalem wept bitterly seeing him suffer shame and utmost cruelty that man can devise. If you have been keen enough, everyone believes that a notorious rat should be gunned down except their mother. I have seen women holding tight, people who qualified to be reduced to bits and pieces by bloodthirsty mobs and saving them from apparent death. Women are special in their way, and I look forward to swimming in the love of that queen that God is bringing my way.

I am confident that you are ready for what I am going to serve you now. It is not in any way supposed to be tough. Still, you may be easily tempted to misconstrue this talk, which, if understood aright, is supposed to empower women and not add to the yoke of repugnant cultures world-over, that they have to bear without a pinch of salt or an iota of misgiving.

So have you ever heard of the “respect women” crusaders? Have you been tempted to dance their reverberating tunes, even sponsor their cause? Today I am risking the wrath of this jostling throng, not by marshaling a more incredible crowd, but by the power of arguments sincere and thought-provoking. I will not even share a link soliciting your signature to anchor a petition on the popular networks. It has not been easy coming out with this, but I have had to think through it repeatedly as if it were the beautiful, wonderful words of life.

So why should the women and even everyone reject this “respect women” crusade?

Defiance to Formula for Respect.
If you have been keen enough, you may have noticed that I am fascinated by formulae. In fact, I will shout out loud again, let’s respect formulas. I am a great believer in procedures and principles that guide how everything about life functions. Do you want to cook a good dish? Respect the recipe.

Respect is something that most of us smile at and adore. It feels good to be honored and to be regarded with some awe. It feels good to be recognized from the crowd. It is something being given an invitation to saunter for the best seat with the high and mighty. It feels good being quoted in great functions where only great minds are considered. But here is an important question to answer; How do we get there? Do you secure a space in the glorious summit by popular votes or backlash? What is the formula for respect?

This is where most people go wrong. Many people enjoy the respect that accrues to them based on their position and not character or aptitude. Some parents have conducted themselves in an unhonorable manner that they can only cling to the respect accorded by the Holy Writ, which requires us to obey our parents. There are those ill-mannered bosses who are bargaining for recognition based on a cheap and straightforward, “respect me; I am the boss here.” I refuse to let our women be auctioned in this cheap market. Respect is like a paycheck—it is earned. Women are not too weak or too untalented to earn respect. Some great women have earned themselves honor among everyone by their character and deeds. Look at mother Teresa, look at my mother, look at your mother, look at your wife, look at your girlfriend, look at your aunt. Are they not honorable women? Do you respect them because you succumbed to the pressure of the “respect women” crusaders?

Respect is not granted on a gender basis. Respect is served to character and achievement. Respect is a reward preserved to top achievers. It is possible to have women emerge the best in a political process; ask Ellen Johnson Sirleaf how. Women can become great athletes; ask Serena Williams how. Women can become great media personalities; ask Oprah Winfrey how. Women can become someone’s favorite person; ask my mum how.

We may be treading womanhood underfoot by some of the unnecessary causes we run around with now and then. I know that we are in the age of the social media craze, but we can do better with our virtual spaces than running baseless debates like we sometimes do.

As I finish, I want to say this is my perspective. It is not better than yours. It may only be different from yours. Respect and honor are earned. Let us not stoop too low to depend on those respect commanded by the office, portfolio, or public debates.

14 thoughts on “Why Women Should Rise Against The “Respect Women” Campaigns

  1. It sure should be earned. It’s frustrating to actually respect someone because they demand it and irritating to hear ‘respect me’ all the time

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  2. It’s such a shame Though, that people have become so desrespectful generally such that a simple life virtue has to be campaigned for. I agree 💯 with this article, don’t get me wrong. But generally…….a society where people have to demand for simple “respect” is a sick society. Take for instance a Situation where young irresponsible youth decide to take Mama mboga’s goods without paying simply because she cannot do anything about it…..she is one, they are many. In this case, I would gladly Join in a campaign for #respect Mama mboga’s 😊

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  3. I have learned that respect is not automatic or applied to belief, status, title, wealth, or religion. I respect others because they have shown me wisdom, compassion, and realize that no matter how much we think we know, true wisdom starts with realizing we know nothing. I enjoyed your post!

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