With Good Taste But Eating from the Dustbin, Where is the Problem?

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One benefit that civilization has given us is refined tastes and preferences. With exposure and advancement, people get leeway to access what they thought was a utopian impossibility. Our options are pretty recherche, and we all want to secure a space in the coveted table with the high and mighty.

Ask anyone today which is their dream car, and you will be bombarded by how many BMW X6 are being driven by faith. Ask people about their preferred destination for a honeymoon, and you will be surprised that it is not a nuptial well-done if it is not consummated in Acapulco, Maldives, or Seychelles. Every student at the beginning of the academic year has a great work plan which, if implemented, will make them graduate magna cum laude, top of their class, and be the year’s valedictorian. What about our romantic dives? Everyone wants that good scripted family they see on the telenovela. Everyone wants to have a perfect relationship that can be used as a control experiment for a ‘matrimonial lab test.’ To have it succinctly put, we have an expensive taste of almost everything, and I find this quite okay. Why should we be the one struggling with a Nissan Sunny, yet there is Jeep and Cardillac? Why should we be the ones gambling with the Landlords in tenements, yet we have gated communities? Why must we unfetter the novelty of our love in the neighborhood yet Dubai, the City of gold, is not parked? So if you have a refined taste, it is well and in order. Do not feel the need to settle for less. There is nothing good in less. Go for the bigger and the better.

But wait a minute! What is the reality on the ground? Is everyone with refined taste enjoying a space at the high table? Is everyone cruising the highway on a jeep? Is everyone having their honeymoon in the Maldives? Is every student graduating a top achiever? Is every marriage standing the test of time? Why does it seem that we keep on scavenging in the dustbin, yet we have a chance of using the fork, spoon, and knife in our reserved space? Why do we talk about Veblen goods, but our plans and efforts seem geared towards the Giffen? You were insistent that you would get married once you’re done with your campus and have your connubial Holiday on the East Coast, but it seems you subconsciously replaced the graduation with your second year and the East Coast with your University Hostels.

Why are we settling for less despite having a highly refined taste? Here are some of the reasons why people with a definite taste are settling for anything on the table but not what they exactly wanted to order:

The Scarcity Reality
Scarcity is not merely an economic concept but a reality of life. What is available can only support a given unit of humanity in most cases. We want the whole world, but there is less than the entire world for all of us to try and achieve. At the end of it, the most competent and the best strategist, or sometimes the lucky one, is rewarded by the same thing we are pursuing. For instance, we can only have one president at a time, but we have more aspirants in most cases. You (only for serious people) can date one person at a time, but you have to choose from a sample of the entire world. A company can only have one Chief Executive Officer at a time. With this reality, it is vital to be very careful what we settle for if we cannot get what we want. Sometimes it may call for lowering your expectations. Over and above all, don’t sink from a presidential candidate to a pest and nuisance to society. If your preferred table is full, try another one, don’t go straight for the floor! You may find another option that can work. Only remember that gold is not lying on the same depth as murram.

Expensive Taste but ‘Cheap’ Discipline.
Are you disciplined? A disciplined person remains faithful to their commitments. They understand the four seasons and are well aware that you cannot sow in all of them. They study the terrain very well and know what to prepare for. They don’t major in the minors but remain faithful to their primary goal. If something is lacking, especially in contemporary society, it is the power of obedience. We want to be home, but we ignore the direction home because the way demands more care and keenness we are not ready to give. You want to become the best surgeon, but you abscond your lab sessions. You want to be the next Ludwig Van Beethoven, but you don’t want to be part of the piano class. If you have good taste, you will need more discipline than those who want anything on the table. If you want a woman, it is okay. You can just relax, they are many outside there, and they will accept anything in a trouser, but if you need a dime piece, you must find the courage and win the duel. If you want to have your health under check, you may need to reconsider your dietary choices; how can you remain petite with a table full of pork and fried alligator? You may need to have a little more servings of the cucumber and beetroot with some lemon juice. If your dreams are scary, you must not do like everyone else.

Wrong Packaging Techniques
Are you good at packaging? If not, you may need to learn this now, for we will not forgive you if we find sugar packed with washing detergents. Who puts eggs in the basket then drops flour and other heavy hampers? Funny enough, we seem to do this same thing in the way we conduct ourselves. You may need to start with the more serious stuff and finish with those that are less demanding. At the foundation, have your classes together, attend the boring lab sessions and even pretend you enjoy them. Even during the holidays, wake up early and finish that project that is almost stalled and stale. The prime of your strength must be given to your greatest fear. Bear the yoke in the days of your youth. Don’t pack your eggs then follow with stones.

Result over Process
Finally, we have an outbreak of people in love with the results and not the process. They want a big car, a great family, a great work experience, but they don’t consider the process. The trick is that you forget about the destination but the road to get there. You see a man at the round table, don’t ask for a privilege to sit with them. Ask for directions to get there. Always seek the roadmap and admire it more than the end. Don’t ask people to give you money; ask them to provide you with the money maker. You want to go where they are, don’t ask them to come for you; instead, ask them to pin their location and follow the process. The game of life is like solving a mathematical problem. The most outstanding performance is not the one with the correct answer but the one that correctly shows the process. Life needs more Mathematicians than those who simply have valid inference.

Do you have good taste? It is okay; follow the process and get there. Don’t behave like those who can go for anything that is on the table!

26 thoughts on “With Good Taste But Eating from the Dustbin, Where is the Problem?

  1. If your dreams are scary, you must not do like everyone else (Barack, 2021)
    This statement is absolutely true since it will inform our department as we navigate the turbulences of life.
    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful piece Editor-in-chief🙏

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  2. Permitted to borrow from your previous write up ; we must respect the formula, thus the formula must be this process…

    “The game of life is like solving a mathematical problem. The most outstanding performance is not the one with the correct answer but the one that correctly shows the process”

    I like this… Thanks for the piece Senior Chief

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  3. Great read Kowilicleacer. To get and attract better, strive to be better yourself. This piece spoke to me a great deal. However, what’s with the ..”women will settle for anything in a trouser?”🤔

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  4. Life is what you make it and not what you imagine it to be regardless of any desire.
    That at the heart of it is the question and the answer.
    In times of old the saying was keeping up with the Smiths and the Jones as a way of saying that you had embarked upon a course that ould never lead to happiness or contentment as you strove to be better than those around you.

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  5. I love this. It reminds me of this quarters lesson where we are asked of whom should we depend on to define who we are and the answer was definitely God who had the best of us. But there is the father of lies who is always working hard to get the contrary out of us and we are easily swept to settle for less by this prince of the world. Are you loyal to God? Then you won’t settle for the dustbin whatsoever.

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