So You are a Christian?

So you are a Christian? I mean you. You who are reading this either out of curiosity or fear of being declared a hypocrite. You who have some tag of piety against your name. You whom people think of when they need someone to lead in devotion at your area of work. So you are a Christian?

What comes to your mind when someone introduces themselves as a Christian? Well, for me, a lot of things come into my mind. I start questioning what does that mean exactly? Could they be talking based on the statistics we sometimes see posted by the national bureaus when a country says we are 80% Christian? Could it be that they meant, “I follow the Lamb wherever He goes”? Or, like the apostolic Church, they have sold all they have and committed themselves to preach Christ crucified? Are they like Fannie E. Bolton saying, “Not I but Christ be honored loved exalted”? Like Apostle Paul, are they saying, “I have been crucified with Christ”? So what do you mean when you say “I am a Christian”?

I don’t stop at questioning, but I tend to dive into the timeless Museum of history. In this Museum, I see Christ in the wilderness of temptation raising a standard against the severest temptation known to man, and it ends with the prince of darkness in utter discomfiture. I follow His life sketches, and I see Him sealing His consistent testimony with His blood on Calvary before the jeering and mocking mob and blaspheming soldiers. Still, as the Negro Spirituals sing it, He never said or mumbled any word. I make my step to another section of this outstanding Museum, and I see Stephen taking the bitter cup of Martyrdom while saying, “Lord Jesus, receive my Spirit,” “Lord, do not charge them with this sin.” But the scene is still vast. A little step ahead, I see Paul giving up his coveted spot as the youngest member of the Sanhedrin and braving the perils and forebodings of three missionary Journeys. Like Christ, he seals his testimony with his blood, this time round not on the Cross, but in the hands of emperor Nero, the Monster of cruelty. Besides his mementos, is Peter crucified upside down for this selfsame cause. The Museum is becoming a little uncomfortable, but there is a lot of comfort in the next section where the Prophet from Patmos proclaims the testimony of Jesus. With the new energy, I feel prepared to see the Waldensian faith and undivided stand for the Bible truth. Though forced to endure privation and seclusions in the catacombs, they seem to be the happiest people on the earth with their conscience clear before their Father in Heaven. This hope that burns within their hearts reduced the scene of rack and stake to nothingness. Slightly ahead of them, the shining star of reformation stood with his unanswerable 95 theses before the Diet. His statement ‘Sola Scriptura’ gave a fatal wound to the traditions taught for doctrines. In this section, the two Johns, Huss and Wycliffe, stood their stand at the cost of Anathema and sudden death. It seems the day is done, and I have to go home now. Maybe I would come the following day to continue with the tour of this hall of conquest and bravery. Are you still a Christian?

There is yet another museum. I am worked up, but I am curious to see what is there, maybe if I can even get a synopsis. In this Museum, I see the Israelites before the awful grandeur of Mt. Sinai making a proclamation, “All that the Lord has spoken we will do.” But they are guilty of idolatry immediately after this. I can’t stand this, for I feel the need to reorganize my spiritual dipoles. The next scene has King Saul declaring, “ I have performed the commandment of the Lord.” But juxtaposed is the betraying bleating of the sheep and lowing of the oxen. The action was louder than the words! Going ahead, I see Judas, one of the twelve Apostles, but with a new name, ‘The son of perdition.’ He earned this title at the cost of thirty pieces of silver. Moving very first to the next section, I see the Jews shouting, “His blood be on our children and us.” The scene of its fulfillment was just there when at the valley of Jehoshaphat and Calvary, crosses were erected in such great numbers that there was scarcely room to move among them. The Romans did this crucifixion during the Destruction of Jerusalem. Making a move ahead, I was confronted by the awful scenes of the dark ages, when the light of scriptures was shut, and traditions and opinions took the stage. The persecution became the tool to sustain these opinions. And I had to stop there. Are you still a Christian?

All the categories we have seen in the Museum are claiming allegiance to Christ. On which side are you? Christianity is coming to Calvary to die and let Christ live in us. It is letting Christ live in us. Such faith can withstand the time of trouble. Such faith will make us walk softly in the sanctuary but even softer at home. Such faith will make us faithful at work, that like Daniel, we will serve with different regimes because they can’t do without our painstaking effort. Such faith will reinstate the banner of the cross that is trailing in the ground in want of faithful soldiers of the cross. Such faith will redefine the name ‘Christian’. How do you feel when a presumably Christian Nation is in the top ten in the global corruption index? The hypocrisy is so obvious that we don’t need more evidence. We do Christ more harm when we claim to be His people, yet we continue eating our own bread and wearing our own apparel. Assuming you are a Christian, and you are used as the SI unit of Christianity, Can Christ be well represented?

6 thoughts on “So You are a Christian?

  1. We are standing in a generation where we are ready to recant Christianity in case of any trouble and tribulation. How I wish that God might give me the power and zeal of our fathers of faith who fought for the truth though it called for their lives being given as a sacrifice. May God help me to be a Christian in my heart.

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