“Omondi Timon”

Omondi Timon

I didn’t see this coming, and I’m sure you’re equally perturbed to see this here. To be honest, I feel unsafe. Most of you, especially the ‘no nonsense’ folks, may wonder what is wrong with me. Have I lost what to write? From whence does Omondi Timon come into The Cleaver of Truth? Well, I also don’t know, but I don’t have otherwise, and I must write anyway. In the week ending 10th of July 2021, ‘Omondi Timon’ was the source of laughter in my cycle. But in my meditation in the wee hours of today, I got a different impression that has compelled my pen, and this is not a laughing matter anymore.

First things first, I don’t want to succumb to the temptation of assuming that all of you are on my contact list. This necessitates that I start by bringing Omondi Timon to the World. My first interaction with this icon, Omondi Timon, was in a trending WhatsApp video. In the video, a teacher was disciplining a student, a common corrective mechanism to discourage hooliganism in High School. The Student in question was the big man, Omondi Timon. This somewhat evoked a reminiscence of the lot of many during their days in High School.

Omondi Timon receiving his punishment.

The worst happened when the ‘meme lords’ hijacked DJ Khaled’s piece, “Say my name.” So while Khaled is asking the lady, “Say my name,” the response was tweaked in such a way that the lass’ voice was silenced, and so her response remained to be Omondi Timon.

… DJ Khaled in the meme

This kept us having a good time with my good friends, gentlemen with a keen sense of humor. But this morning, as I took time to think and meditate about the past week, many things crossed my mind. Omondi Timon also came up, and I was almost giggling, then it went away all of a sudden. Instead, a solemnity replaced the mood that was virtually intruding my serious meeting.

I need to add something else. When I saw the meme trending and hitting social media waves, I was intrigued to establish the facts. What I want to state here is one of the alleged truths about the Omondi Timon issue. According to a source in social media, Timon was supposed to be a student of St. Joseph’s Rapogi Secondary School. According to this source—which I am yet to prove—he was engaged in a scandal of duping the cooks. He informed them that they were needed urgently by the principal, after which he made away with 65 loaves of bread. And because of this, he received the strokes that were meant to make him a good boy and not the crook he was becoming.

What do you think about this issue, assuming the report above is the exact script of the story? I would love to get your response on the chat section.

On my side, I would love to say a few things. First, I believe that discipline is an indispensable law of life. Young people must not be left to do just whatever they want to do, but some direction must be given to help them travel the road less traveled. Discipline, however, must be provided with utmost care with the end of assisting them to become better in mind. I don’t support Mr. Timon in his expedition of hacking the system and having the fruits of independence flowing into his compound at the expense of others. However challenging the situation is, no one will be celebrated for putting self ahead of humanity. We must strive to ensure everyone at least gets something to make things work better for everyone.

On the other hand, the fact that the video is trending with such serious issues is something many people cannot handle. I don’t know how thick Tim’s skin is, but it may affect him later in life, and he may even be tempted to change his name. Others may feel that he is known by many people now, but because the reason is not a good one, we call it infamous. It is not safe to match into the streets with a tarnished name, though it may serve him well because our system has changed. People nowadays love weird stuff and childish antics. If you want a case study, just log into your youtube and search ‘Embarambamba,’ and you will see how gospel in muck and mire is getting views.

But far from this still, I tried asking myself why the man had to take the direction he took. What makes a High School student take such risks? Maybe this could be the best time to remember your days in High School. It was not a walk in the park for most of us, budgeting with less money all the time. Meeting the goodies of life in our creative writings and only on great functions. Even worse still, most of the boys value quantity over quality. There was something strange about High School hunger. Almost always, it seemed that the food came a little late and slightly less. This may be a peculiar narrative to the high-end class who had it a little better, but the majority can share such fond memories and wonder why they were overeating in school. The struggle of a high school student/ a boarding school student demands a little more money to supplement what is offered in the school kitchen.

If you have a sibling in High School, send them a little cash to help them fund a little nutrition supplements. But as a student, always realize that the path may not be as easy as everyone would want it. There is some good feeling that comes when I send upkeep money to my younger brother in High school, but sometimes his appeal for help comes at the same time when I am also gambling with my landlord as my rent is delayed a little longer. A good student will understand that character, and a good name demands an endurance strange to humanity, patience that will endure hunger, thirst, and even delay. A little uncalculated move can make you lose your good name forever.

Let’s try to be supportive in every way possible. As a teacher, parent, big brother, big sister, let us make it a little easier for this new generation; they are not as patient as our grandparents. The case of Omondi should be an eye-opener to those parents and guardians who think school fees and enough books are enough for a student. If it is all you can afford, it is well, but if you can add something good on top, don’t hesitate; it means a lot to those little kids. And above this, psychosocial support is needful. Talk to them and know their struggle; try to find out why they cannot take a step in their math. Try establishing why their grammar is not refined as is expected.
You should even know if they have a girlfriend or boyfriend. Try knowing why they think they need a girlfriend at form one.
Over and above all finances, psychosocial support is needful to the young generation.

13 thoughts on ““Omondi Timon”

  1. The punishment of Omondi Timon was right if it was on the grounds of 65 loaves of bread because if perchance he had the motive of satisfying his hunger a loaf or two would have been enough.
    Meanwhile being a veteran of one of the highschools in our land, I would like to support your sentiments; parents need to gauge the feeding program of the schools where they take their children and supplement them with adequate pocket money. Students start developing ulcers right from highschool because they evade bad dishes and this affects them later in life when such conditions escalate to acute levels.
    For parents or guardians, it is important to help the students in such situations.


  2. Indeed it’s true to support kids.
    We are to dig deep into our children’s behavior & livelihood.
    Mostly it’s not all about canes.

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  3. Great 👌 indeed brother. I’m made to think and reason holistically for proper and appropriate lifestyle. We need to average all the aspects of life and above all we give allegiance to our utmost Life Giver. We should all round nurture the young lads injecting them with necessary dose of knowledge. Otherwise concentrating in one area, in this case, academics only, to me first is unhygienic and imbalanced strategy of upbringing this new generation.
    In my supersonic speed to adjourn my thoughts in writing form, I would like to shun the spirit of trending the video bearing the name of innocent Omondi of whom we’ve not delved to cite the triggering agent that pressed him to do so.

    I rest my opinion.

    Thanks brother in Christ

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  4. This was one of the questions that I enquired from my lecturer yesterday. And the response is more or less the same as this article. Nice one

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  5. What a piece!

    When the society is in the state of what I always call economical detrimental pandemonium, I hereby stand in agreement with the idea of psychosocial support brought in this wonderful writing.

    We must learn to raise our children as trophies of redemption in all aspects.

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