A Vegetarian Flesh Eater

Veg and Fesh..

He made steady and stable strides to this place which had hitherto been to him a scene of Crime. He had lost count of his visits to this place, where the voice of the Holy Spirit was being silenced day after day. He was to many a nice man, admired for his energy and enthusiasm for the ministry. Like Naaman, he could be crowded with compliments and medals, yet he had but this one thing, he was a “vegetarian flesh Eater”. In this tenement, his marital vows were being trampled underfoot like men step on the law of God without a scrapple…But like other days he wanted to linger a little longer.

He was a good man, at least from the public opinion. He was very decent and knew how to handle the fork and spoon. His language was well polished, he was commanding the predicate and transitive verbs. When making the announcement for the council, no one could be left out; he was quite on point. His singing was on its own level, a rich basso profundo with a great and rambling bass—he could hit the lowest octave without rolling his eyes like the boys do, struggling to establish a prominent resonance. In fact, he was made the bass ambassador in the Choir, not on favoritism, but simple meritocracy. What about the dress code? He could be easily confused to be from the embassy, he was always in beautiful suits and powerful shoes. Each of his suits had their unique lapel pins and chains. This man was thriving.

All the young men admired him. They wanted to have him talk to them about important issues of manhood, for he seemed to have gotten the formula of cracking the manhood crisis. He could have made a great tutor for a series of lectures on Manhood 101.

Also on the matters of faith, he was quite a good example. He had the Church manual together, and he could answer a lot of issues concerning the modus operandi. Over and above all, he was committed to the health message. This man had his shelves well stocked. The Himalayan salt added the flavour to his food. His honey pot never ran dry, for he had discarded the refined sugar. He had several tins of soy milk supplying the place of animal products. He had achieved a great blessing from the salads and greens. His longevity was boosted, and his strength quickened. All these accolades notwithstanding, he had this one thing, the purpose for which he was in the scene of crime again.

This night was a different one. He had come for a rendezvous of coquetry and love as he usually did. Most of the time he always carried his food from the restaurant. However this was not one of them, and he was farmishing. But he was somewhat disappointed when the dinner was served. When he was still a ‘carnivore’ he limited it to beef and mutton, but this was extreme. Pork found its way to the dinner table;rich, tempting, and promising all the amino acids and fatty acids. The ‘man of God’ got mad, and with increased decibels asked innocently, “Have you forgotten that my faith does not accommodate carcasses?” No sooner had he finished than he got a tailormade response he never expected. “Well I know you don’t eat meat, but you eat flesh, so you can still massage your gullet with this pork” and he was speechless. The coquette didn’t stop. She was the preacher of the hour and her sermon could not attract a ‘tell them pastor.’ “What is your faith’s position concerning adultery?” Our man was speechless again, and the preacher continued. “Your faith discourages meat but allows flesh?” You can predict the answer, our man was speechless again, trying to act the scene of Calvary, when they crucified my Lord and he never said or mumbled any word.
The sermon was tough and direct. The ‘man of God’ excused himself and left. Once he was in his car, he sped off and stopped after two kilometres. He simply broke down and wept. He had never wept in public for a long time, but he couldn’t take it anymore. Like the prophet from Geth-hepher, he seemed to have been caught in a shipwreck. Just as Jonah got his sermon from the mariners, he got a sermon he never expected from a voluptuous wench. He had always tried to do everything right, yet he granted the enemy just a little opportunity. But like all tyrants, the demon assigned to shut him from heaven seemed to ask for a little more all the time. He was respected, this venture was kept secret, and he was safe from accusing mouths, but he could not escape the cognitive dissonance. He realized he was a nice hypocrite, and he must make a radical change in his life.

What about you? Have you granted some unwarranted liberties? You may need to carry out a stock of faith. You are not pious because people opine so, but because you have laid all on the altar of sacrifice. We respect you and admire your energy, but it would be better if the one who holds the Universe in his hands could say about you, “I know him/her and he/she is my friend.” A two-fold life is the greatest hindrance of character development. Many nice people and honorable men, have dark issues surrounding their souls that they keep safe from the human eye, but honorable men will add a walk with God on their fruits and vegetables. I believe the call to a life of faithfulness demands that we come and die. Don’t try being a christian and an infidel at the same time.
How long do you want to break God’s heart by introducing him in public as your saviour but denying His lordship over your life? You better mind how you conduct His business!

2 thoughts on “A Vegetarian Flesh Eater

  1. Amazing how we so called Adventists are double standard men but God calls us to wash our selves and be clean and submit to Him and the devil will flee from us. What you do when no one sees you that is what you are.

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