Are You Sincere?

Sincerity is a trait admired by everyone but offered by too few individuals. To be sincere means one is genuine, meaning what one says or does. Such a person can be taken at his word. He can be trusted with duties and no need for supervision.
Sometimes it is ridiculous that we must be certified by the law enforcement authorities for our good conduct. Not all people with certificates of good conduct are conducting themselves well. Not all people with such an appellation on their letters of recommendation—can work under no supervision—can be trusted with duties. Sometimes it can only be described as a claim as we often do.

If there’s an area where sincerity is highly needed yet often missing, it is on social interactions. Our relationships are like a game of chances. It looks like people say to themselves, “Let’s try and see the worst that can happen.” I once had a story of a nice young man who was just attempting to see if he got the lines to convince a damsel to cherish him above all male human beings. He didn’t have any plans to date yet, and the particular lady he approached was not his ideal choice. But when he threw his vibe, the damsel danced to his tune and declared him her man. The young man was in distress; he didn’t expect it to take such a course, as the lady was there gyrating to his playlist.

Sincerity is the missing piece in the world today. People take oaths of office while lifting the Holy Book, but subconsciously they are planning their looting spree. Couples exchange vows with the solemnity of “till death do us part,” but it turns out, death comes too soon before the actual death. Life is reduced to endurance as two strangers struggle to accommodate each other, while the vows are betrayed in rendezvous of coquetry and the so-called love, the same love which has been forced to wither and dry up at home. The tune is not ‘love at home’ anymore, and this song cannot be sung with conscience devoid of accusatory sentiments. What about you, the work-shy employee who needs the ever-seeing eye of the boss to remain true to your job description? Why must you be pushed around like a trolley or wheelbarrow, yet you are described as a team player and self-motivated in your curriculum vitae?

Most people suffer not because the world is unfair but because of misrepresentation. Often we rate ourselves too high or too low. No one thinks too highly of themselves than a shenanigan. With a character skewed towards disorder of grandeur, many people present themselves for the positions of trust, and after being given a chance, they write in caps and bold their incompetence.

When we think of positions of trust, we think of public leaders, organization staff, or any other service to humanity. All these are qualified to be recognized and registered as such. However, the greatest position of trust is not geared towards public service. After five years, you can be replaced with a more competent person, or worse still, a nincompoop. Your organization can as well replace your efforts with machines and more competent individuals who can execute duties better.

So, which is the highest position of trust? I will say it simply and succinctly; family. You see, someone has the entire world at their disposal. Out of billions of potentials, someone settles on you. You are not the most beautiful, for beauty is relative, you are not the most intelligent, we have sages out there, you are not the most handsome, those who can make you insecure are out there. I once heard a man of experience say, “You should consider it a privilege that someone looks at you and think of a wife or a hubby.” What do you think about this? On my side, I dare not say nay. The ayes have it😊. If there’s a person we must treat honorably, they are the ones who shoot their shots our way, trying to mine our emotional deposits. Before you reduce a man/woman who shows interest in you to nothingness, think and think.

Let’s get back on track now. If you are going to quote me somewhere, then here is what I am saying: “Decisions concerning love, relationships, and marriage, posits the highest position of trust in the world!” Your success and failure, joy and pain, love and lovelessness, all depend upon such a person. If you were going to achieve 75% with your attitude and aptitude, the person you connect with would have to reorganize it. Some will provide the missing piece and take you to the glorious summit of 100%, whereas some will kill you entirely. Most potential young men have disappeared from history’s Hall of fame because they recruited the wrong person into the highest position of trust. In the same way, many ladies who were supposed to be Queens have sacrificed their crowns to testosterone-crazed baffoons.

Consider your recruitment process very well. As a young person, please disband that cartel and consider every development of character in the potentials. Do not compromise your checklist, and also do not make it strangely out of reality. Your happiness and usefulness for all the possible period of existence possible to humanity depend on this one-time decision. Ellen White, an inspired Christian author, had this to say:

“A sincere Christian will make no plans that God cannot approve.”

—Letters to Young Lovers. P. 90

Because this article is not limited to Christians, you can replace the word ‘Christian’ with whatever applies to you. All in all, ensure no selfishness influences your recruitment process. Are you sincere? Can you be trusted with the recruitment procedure?

15 thoughts on “Are You Sincere?

  1. This is awesome indeed.Most relationships are broken with this one thing that seems small.. As we choose to love lets be trustworthy too.. Being sincere and true in even what seems so minute.

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  2. Can I be trusted to deliver what I promise?
    This article came in the right time to remind me(us)to do that which is right.
    Thankyou Barrack


  3. Wow Are you sincere? Can God trust you with His duties? If God can’t trust you then you have no business taking someone to be your better half coz evidently you can’t offer what you don’t have. Sincerity starts from you to God then God extends it to your fellow humans. Thanks for the Insight.

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