Why Atheists Do Not Qualify to Have Sex

An atheist, defined, (According to Merriam Webster), refers to a person who does not believe in the existence of a god or any gods: one who subscribes to or advocates atheism. Atheism is a philosophical or religious position characterized by disbelief in the existence of a god or any gods. Atheism is akin to godlessness in behaviour or conduct. An atheist is under no obligation to follow God’s law or direction regarding matters of life. In fact, a strict atheist thinks it is foolish to follow divine designs and will sometimes go out of their way to defy something, not because it’s harmful, but because it is required of God or because it bears the credentials of heaven.
This is even clearer:

“They do not question that God exists; they deny him in other ways. An atheist denies the existence of God. As it is frequently said, atheists believe that it is false that God exists, or that God’s existence is a speculative hypothesis of an extremely low order of probability.”

—Encyclopedia Britannica.

When someone does not exist or the chances of them existing is null, it sounds logical to ignore them and waste no time following or seeking their guidance. A few years ago, a very nice friend wanted to prank me. And the option she settled on was a risky one which sold her out and made her script a death on arrival, and further brought about a little uncomfortable moment of silence. I left her with my cellphone, and on getting back she claimed that my dad called and she introduced herself as the prospective daughter-in-law. She expected a wave of shocks to be egregiously silhouetted on my brow, but my solemnity awesomely disturbed her. I should have been a little kind to her, but I was human, and simply asked if it was the resurrection morning, for the big man was supposed to be resting awaiting the resurrection of the saints and sinners. I had no worries about such discussion because my big man had lost the capacity to make calls and enquire about my well being. In the same way, an atheist should not be concerned that God has said this or that. They don’t believe that He exists and so it is a waste of time trying to tell them that God has said this or that.

Maybe you are asking yourself, “how does sex find a space in this argument?” Unlike you, I am not wondering because that is the heart of the matter. It is a logical debate and not a stone directed to the glasshouse of dear atheists.

One of the things glorified by human beings and even lower order of creation is sex. People will endure cold, distance, war or even death in order to have sex. Some are willing to go prodigal in order to secure privileges of amorous congress. Students have dropped out of school and become renegades in order to secure the privileges of having sex. Married men and women have trampled upon the sacred vows when inflamed by the urges of the flesh. Maybe sex needs its own day, and we shall revisit. But one thing most people are unaware or oblivious of is the fact that sex is God’s idea. In the creation pedigree, the concept of male and female is dominant. After the creation of man, here is what the Holy Book says:

“Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” — KJV Genesis 2:24

After this grand proclamation, we see it taking another consequential course and the human generation is perpetuated. At the foundation of sexual relationships1, we can see the credentials of heaven. God gave it as a means of bringing two separate souls together in a oneness that is sinful to put asunder. It is a Holy affair and a Godly venture.

Atheists are slow to recognize God’s existence and are ready to forget His directives. It is a stultifying expedition for an atheist to think about marriage and sex, which are God’s ideas, yet they deny His existence. How can you accept an invention while denying the existence of the inventor without securing a place in Guinness’s book as the fool of all times. By consenting to sex—either marital or extra-marital as is commonly practised—one loses the moral ground to claim atheism. Such a person should repent and be baptised into a religion that recognises God, but if not, they should tender their sincere apologies to the atheist brothers for betraying their solemn stand. If God does not exist, then His inventions collapses, and we are not bound to practice them. No sensible person will question the existence of an inventor while enjoying his invention.

24 thoughts on “Why Atheists Do Not Qualify to Have Sex

  1. A great piece,yes, while I do not shoot down the sound argument concerning atheists and them practicing sex,I believe this is a very very minimised view of the whole matter.
    We ( non atheists) appreciate the existence of God, and that everything originate in God according to John 1:1-2( of course there are exception ,sin),not only sex. Sex is part of humanity,God created it for human beings to enjoy it,to bond together, and from this they we’re to derive a profound insight and message of the entire salvation plan. God is God of atheists too, though they deny him.
    Atheists ought to appreciate that ,they call themselves atheists because there’s a Good in heaven. No God ,no atheists,
    simple. This is simple yet great truth for them.
    I’ll say,sex is both believers and the so -called atheists,we cannot deny atheists this God given privilege,in as much as God created air for everybody,let atheists enjoy it, through it they’ll learn a snippet of God’s mystery.

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  2. Actually they’ve right to sex because they too share the same grace we have in Christ, whether they recognize or not.
    The fact still remains, Christ died for all of us.


  3. Ossie,by taking it to sex,you’ve taken it too far, it’s like intending to use a trawling boat to catch mudfish on a river,,,I agree with Samuel Rogito on the punchline though
    An atheist denying the existence of God is denying his very own existence i.e him being a creation/an invention of God

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  4. ” If God does not exist, then His inventions collapses, and we are not bound to practice them. No sensible person will question the existence of an inventor while enjoying his invention.”

    This is a deep one Brother

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  5. Wow amazing but I believe that this shouldn’t be attached to atheists only remember we sin differently apart from sin of unbelief in that anytime we sin we deny the existence of God and do we qualify to be called atheists at that point? I have a strong feeling that this should be directed to us all who profess God by mouth but deny the power thereof of conquering sin. But I agree in some sense that if you deny my existence then deny what I invented or otherwise embrace me and my invention.

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