Death is in Trouble

Mr. Death

When God created man,
He was not to be a mun,
Secured eternally,
He was to live sempiternally,
But the cunningly devised fables,
Irrevocably disconnected the life’s cables,
So that everyone born,
Must have the forebodings borne,
So now, while in this frame,
We go by in a terrible rame,
Knowing we may not come out alive,
From this venturesome hive,
So we go by in a groan,
Like bereaved wives, we moan,
Before we set the wheel,
We are called to prepare the will,
Too soon, we are forced to partition our bequest,
As death celebrates the conquest,
Forcing us to give up on all conviviality,
Notwithstanding the triviality,
We recoil in pain,
Deeming all we have worked for as vain,
As the life force gives up on us,
Mr. death turns on his throne and laughs at us,
But listen now, Mr., as I remind you of something,
Something of which you can do nothing,
You are in double trouble,
Worse than the realm of the rabble,
I just went back to my Bible’s esoteric pages,
And you are not ready for what was penned by the sages,
For I read in that Holy book,
You will one day shook,
Fearing your fate,
When served your favorite fet,
For you have enjoyed bullying us around,
Forcing us to dispatch all we have struggled to amound,
We have been forced to live in fear,
Or being divested of those we hold dear,
Well, we know they are but mere mortals,
But you always come too soon to add your totals,
And now I sympathize with you,
For you will share the lot of a barren ewe,
While we have to taste the bitter cup of mourning,
We are going to be compensated with the great gettin’ up morning,
When as victors we will look back,
And need no more therapeutic bark,
For death will be a relic of the past,
Never on us to its spell cast,
And Mr. Death, you need to know,
Your need to be mourned will receive a no,
For lack of a quorum,
As everyone will loath the forum,
So as you continue scouting for the very best, dear Mr.Death, just remember that you are in trouble unspeakable.

For he must reign, till he hath put all enemies under his feet. The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.

KJV 1 Corinthians 15:25-26

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