What’s Wrong with Your Friends?

What’s wrong with you friends?

You have 5K friends on Facebook,
You’ve reached the maximum limit,
You cannot receive any more friend requests,
Two-thirds of these friends you don’t know,
But you were intrigued by their comportment,
But something seem a miss,
They are not friendly,
See the way they have stepped on your precious self-esteem and ego,
The other day you posted your best pic taken by a professional using Canon D,
You even went ahead to use the most sophisticated filters that marinated all the crevices and stubborn acne on your face,
This was not enough, so you tagged 50 people on your friends list,
This was to assure you of at least fifty plus one reactions,
But how come you only have 10 likes and 5 one-word comments?
You may need to review your friends list,
You better have friends, not people you admire!
A friendship that is deep and based on real issues, not just you want to gang up with.

You have more than 1.5K contacts on WhatsApp,
So you are having a cloud of witnesses who go through your status updates daily,
But they don’t bother to comment or share feedback,
Out here you are bragging that more than 1K people view your status daily,
But how many of them get concerned when you are between a rock and a hard place?
When you only drop a 😭 on your status update? Do they ask how they can make a difference?
Think and think,
Majority of these friends you got from save for save expedition,
They didn’t care to know who you are,
But they were satisfied that you enlarged their circle and now you give them bragging rights,
What if you were a little careful?
You can make real friends, people you don’t struggle to talk about,
Maybe things could be better.

Now sit down and think,
What’s wrong with your friends?

14 thoughts on “What’s Wrong with Your Friends?

  1. Thank you… Indeed we need to check our circle…. Better friends who are concerned and care about us not those we admire 😊

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  2. I hear you, and your message is timely,
    and you have a speciality in speaking unspoken,and very eye opening truthsπŸ—‘οΈπŸ—‘οΈ
    but my question would be ,how should I make good friends ?
    Is there any guarantee in friendships?

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    1. Thanks for the feedback. Now on making good friends, you be a good friend first. Set a tone of goodness that the insincere feel guilty of misbehaving… And on social media, don’t just accept any request to connect


  3. Nothing is wrong with my friends. Everything is wrong with me. You attract what you are and you receive what you give. If you know you are a fake friend don’t expect to have a real friend anywhere. Review your character and be sure to review and cut a dozen of your friends. I love this article.

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