Subscribe, Like, Comment, and Share ; A Declaration of Mediocrity!

Now this is a bad article. It is jumping right into people’s bowls of soup, and must be laddled out. It looks like I’m sounding the battle cry, and thus suggests I have seen a foe nigh. But I have learnt by heart that criticism does not make people feel sorry about their mistakes, instead, even hardened criminals and notorious rats develop a defense mechanism. Everyone guards their precious pride and shakes you off. So before you write me off dear ‘youtuber’, kindly give me a little hearing. I’m not going to be rough on you, I promise.
This does not mean that I am going to preach what you would want to hear. I am not in any way bartering my integrity with your audience. I’m not going to be like the disciples of Ignatius of Loyola—the Jesuits—who accept as black, a white piece of paper, not because of ignorance or visual impairment, but because their master has declared it so. So with your permission allow me to bring on board a few things which can make you become better at whatever you want us to take note of in your online space.

On the same note, it is important to know exactly what we are talking about. I am not in any way asking you not to ask people to subscribe, like, comment, or share your published content. I run a lot of social and professional media, and my joy is to interact with a multitude, especially those whom I don’t know. Online content is like food well cooked and served in a perfect plate. Ask every cook—assuming all cooks are rational—what makes them happy the most, and you will hear them saying something close to or implying that; when their food is served and everyone doesn’t mind the next serving. The same is with everyone who uploads their content online. They want to see 500K views after one hour, 18M views after one week, with comments, subscriptions, and likes thronging the site. This is a good thing. In fact after reading this article, you can opt to subscribe so that in case we publish something and you don’t miss it. This will be important because you will be added to our mailing list, and because you are a very organized person who checks their mailbox everyday, you will definitely be reminded to read what has been placed on the table.

So what are we saying then?
Have you ever been bombarded by people soliciting for subscriptions, likes, comments, and shares? And all these are marinated with the final appeal, “And remember to click the notification bell.” This is advertising, in its own capacity, but I find it quite crude. It’s like when you find the twitter community saying such things as, “drop your handles we follow you”. I always tend to ask the question, “Why should we follow you?” Most people simply need the following to massage their ego and boost their self esteem, such that with pride raised up like the national flag, they say, “I have 100K followers on Twitter.”
The greatest paradox is simply that the hornbills of subscribe, like, comment, and share, in most cases do not have an appealing content. We end up subscribing out of sympathy or to impress them since we are human and kind, but not because they have done a good assignment that keeps us glued or intrigued. Which girl would want to have a man fall in love with them out of sympathy, and vice versa? A mistake many people make is that they stick too long in a toxic relationship. They argue that, “He is an orphan and I can’t leave him.” So you end up sticking around someone who doesn’t respect you, who is not proud of you, who can’t confidently walk with you in public, and who only shows you love when the lights are off! You’re a human being, don’t put yourself in the same category with cocaine and bhang that are entertained privily by their slaves!

What about those who upload their content and within a short while they have a million views and interactions? They don’t shout out seeking our attention or trying to make us feel guilty if we don’t give them attention. So what makes the difference? The answer is a simple one word: CONTENT.

Those who take their time to prepare their content definitely go blockbuster. It’s the difference between those who are thriving without too much solicitation. You may think they are overconfident and indifferent, but this is not the case. They spend quality time in the production room and when they publish their content, you are in trouble. You can’t help but like because it’s likeable, you can’t help but subscribe because you don’t want to miss out on the next, you can’t help but share because you are sure it will edify someone else, you can’t help but comment because you are compelled to confess that it’s something, and you end up crowning it by clicking the notification bell. It is as simple as that.

Spend your time well in the kitchen and your guests will ask if there is more, and this is where you control them with a message of temperance if you are out of supply. Don’t be like that slothful cook who serves things which look like mud, and spend forever trying to convince us of the curative value of a poorly cooked food! If you do your assignment well, we will not need additional information to grab it voraciously.

Spend your time well in the production room and let your good content speak for itself. We are too hungry for attention, when there is nothing to attend to. In fact we lose even the few sympathisers we have because we are not doing quality. I hope you now understand why Ted talks have millions of subscribers and views, while after all the struggles, you have twenty-five views in four months 😂.

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