To whom shall we turn?


Science claims man evolved. Religion attests that he was created. Traditionalists believe that from a mystical being, man came to be. What is your story?
Created as highly social beings, man has always needed company. One’s social well-being dictates much of their emotional and physical welfare. Essentially one who is stable in all these three aspects would be termed a stable human. A question is asked; what happens when one of them is offset? Most especially for you?

You get to know fully an animal’s viciousness when it is cornered. When caught between a rock and a hard place, it is instinctively lethal. But I ask, just how vicious is an animal wounded, dejected, latching onto life’s thin rope. What threat could an animal almost dead pose, no longer with physical strength nor mental will to keep fighting? Just how menacing could it be? Like a mighty beast stuck in a mudpit where with every slight effort to redeem itself it sinks deeper and deeper into the muck and mire, further from all hope.

The story is interesting in the animal kingdom, how about in the land of men? Does it still bear the same thrill?
From a speculative mind I paint tomorrow. It could be mine or yours, though when it comes, to whom do we turn? When you feel like no one knows what you’re battling. And no one can tell just how much you’re struggling, what exactly do you do? Do you crawl under a bush and die?

I’d like us for a little while to dissect a human’s life. Take a woman for instance. One on the verge of losing hope. Why? One would ask. When your home can no longer host you. When it becomes the last place you want to be associated with. An abyss you keep running away from because of kids gone rogue.
Or because of a darling who has now become overly abusive and the toxicity levels of this relationship are gone overboard.
When you’ve tried all you can to salvage the scrapes of what is now left of your beautifully sewn matrimony but even that is to no avail. And you get to work and immediately after laying down your keys on the desk you lay down your emotional load and cry yourself sober for the day’s work.
With swollen eyes and a sore mood, your boss piles your plate with duty, which you do almost begrudgingly. And it’s an uphill task just by virtue of the pressure and tension you are undergoing. And in the evening, you receive a scolding for a job shoddily done and dejected you get back to your hell of a home ready to bear the same cycle. So with time , being stressed and anxious, you get depressed rendering your body armourless to the army of disease that comes with poor mental health. What do you do at such a time?

The scenario not only comes to play for the woman but also for the man. When the encompassing cares become too heavy to bear. Several men die on roads as they criss-cross the streets of town majorly because of their absentia from the present world. When a wife becomes tough headed and you both can no longer read from the same page. Or worse still she chooses to go out of the marital confines or worst case scenario, walk out of the marriage altogether. When by virtue of your own infidelity you have secretly sired three families which are at the verge of coming into broad daylight. Or when the business you are running takes a downward trajectory and all that you are counting is loss. When you don’t know where your next meal will come from. And none of your friends can accommodate you any longer because a grown man is only entertained as a guest for a little while, after which you may be encouraged to go back “home”. When worst comes to worst, to whom do you turn?

It’s getting chaotic right? I know. Just problems after problems after problems. It’s time we faced it. There’s no reason to put a facade when deep down, things are falling apart. The center can no longer hold.
One more problem—with the youth today. The pressure of trying to fit where you cannot. Trying to live beyond your means. Why? Why are the numbers of suicidal cases on the rise today? You have a guilty conscience that you cannot purge. Always thinking of running away from life and jumping on the next rollercoaster of illusion. Falling into drugs because of unrest. Trying to ride on the wave that sways an entire generation. Offering your heart to someone who doesn’t give a hoot about you. Today they hit, tomorrow they’re gone. Sex, food and drip is your greatest undoing. So you end up crying your tear ducts dry but never learn. Or in case you learn, the lonely silence magnifies the voices in your head that they sound like echoes in a vault. To an extent you can’t tell fact from fiction. So to escape, you relapse to the same old habits. Then you have no peace and with time death seems like the only alternative for relief.Take a deep breath. Relax. Let it all out.

It’s okay to cry. The toxic masculinity dogma is nonsense. It is toxic to your life. Allow the pent up emotion to freely flow. Cry your heart out. Clear your mind so that you may see life in it’s true light. That you may see the saviour sweetly beckoning. Patiently pleading that you go to him just as you are. Condemned and with a heart bleeding. Tossed on life’s rugged way. Bruised and battered by the woes of life. O weary soul, there’s a balm in Gilead. Christ Jesus is calling today ,in a tender and humble voice. He loves you, it’s why He ransomed you. The saviour bled and died and lay lifeless that you may live. That you may have life in abundance. Is what you are going through hard and is it what you would proudly say is life in abundance? I doubt. If not, turn your eyes upon Jesus.There is hope for a look at the saviour and life more abundant and free. Come to me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and you shall find rest unto your soul. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Thus saith the Amen.

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6 thoughts on “To whom shall we turn?

  1. Encouraging christ is always there for us if we decide to turn to him. Cast your burdens unto Jesus for he cares. Friends be blessed and have a fruitful day ahead

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