Some Prayers You Can Answer Yourself


Have you thought of this fact that some prayers you can answer yourself? This is in no way blasphemous. There are some prayers we can answer ourselves, and we waste God’s time if we wait for His response. If our response is a no, God’s omnipotence is rendered invalid. This is not due to any endowments within us that makes God less powerful, but because God has delegated powers to make a difference within us.

One thing that makes God peculiar from every other power is that God has always granted the liberty of conscience, the exercise of which He doesn’t interpose. He lets us make our own choices, but he has not granted us but one thing—determining the consequences of our choices. We can choose what we want, but there is already the principle of cause and effect which ends up taking its course. For instance, while it’s God’s will that all people should come into the knowledge of truth and be saved, the ignorance of many is still awesomely disturbing. In fact, a lot of people will get lost, while the opportunity of being conquerors is within their reach. Thriving in Spiritual experience, is dependent on our prayerful study of the word, and it’s practical application to inform our life choices. God did not create robots or mere automata, instead, we have been made moral agents, with capability of growth and making decisions on day to day.

God reveals His will to us through the scriptures, through nature, and even through our conscience for He has written His law in our hearts. While our education and intellectual fulfilment can make us presume that morality is relative, everyone will agree that it is wrong to see someone else’s spouse, that it is wrong to kill, and that it is noble to respect the respectable and legally established authorities. This is God’s idea, and He has written it in our conscience that even the atheists, deists, agnostics, and skeptics can’t deny. They end up practicing it subconsciously while refusing God’s authority. Now this is ridiculous.

So how come we can answer some prayers ourselves? Or, how are prayers answered?

For instance if you pray for a rich Spiritual experience, how is this answered? To answer this prayer, God seems to be saying, “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.” God has done His part in the process of inspiration, and He cannot do for us the process of studying. It is our duty to study all scripture, and be throughly furnished unto all good works. There are an outstanding majority of spiritual dwarfs—men and women derelict in spiritual experience, with their Bibles dusty, rusty and forgotten in the shelves. They wonder why they can’t be like their colleagues who are climbing Jacob’s ladder. They feel challenged and even pray that God can help them grow spiritually, but God still reminds them of the blessed Bible, which if they don’t read they will remain guilty of willful blindness, and severely judged in the sweet by and by. You’re a Spiritual dwarf? Study. Stop praying, study and ask God to enlighten your efforts.

God is not in a business of doing for us anything He has granted us power to do. Do you want a good woman? Be a good man, and make plans that God can approve. You will definitely get a dimepiece.
Do you want to succeed in business? Do things God’s way. Always remember that God’s word sanctions no policy that will enrich one class, at the exploitation of, or thriving on the ignorance of another.
Do you want to raise morally upright children? Be morally upright and choose your spouse well. Some children are born with almost unconquerable bias towards evil and immorality simply because of inherited tendencies. You choose a crook as your spouse because you’re fooled by dazzling sights and tempting sounds, your children will effectively be crooked, and it will demand more than you can afford, that they be in the path of rectitude.

Outside of our own lives, there’s still much we can do. For instance, why should the prayers of widows, orphans, and the poor reach the throne of God, and yet God’s money is in our hands? Those who know God should be the most hospitable people on earth. It is by divine providence that the poor and the needy should not cease among us. It is therefore important that we help God answer their prayers through our benevolence and altruism. For we are labourers together with God: ye are God’s husbandry, ye are God’s building.

If we can do all these, do we still need God? Oh yes. Remember, it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure. God is working in us as we purpose to do His will. And again, there are things we can not do for ourselves. We can raise a standard impregnable to all powers of hell in the path of obedience, which more often than not, is not the case. Many people are swimming in the muck and mire of sagging morals. Let’s remember it’s only God, who can fashion anew, the character that has been destroyed by sin. We need God to guide our efforts so that we don’t invest them in time wasting activities and individuals. We need God more, when we have purposed to do things His way, for all the powers of hell will be on our path.

“While you pray, dear youth, that you may not be led into temptation, remember that your work does not end with the prayer. You must then answer your own prayer as far as possible by resisting temptation, and leave that which you cannot do for yourselves for Jesus to do for you…”

—God’s Amazing Grace p. 166

26 thoughts on “Some Prayers You Can Answer Yourself

  1. What a piece.. This reminds of another statement penned that he who prays but does nothing will soon cease to pray…

    May we do our part and let God does His, that which we can not do.

    God bless you brother

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  2. This reminds me of yesterday’s men’s conference. We talked about this. We all agreed that spirituality is also practical. Am glad that today’s article is more of an emphasis and reminder.
    A dime piece it is

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  3. But He still urges us to pray without ceasing. Why? Because He knows that we have the power in us after we have answered our own prayer then we can have the confidence to pray for the next and the next and be constantly thanking God over the same and the chain is unbroken.

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