The perfect plate.

Perfect plate.

A plate is good, but a good plate is better.
But yet still…a better plate would be better than the best. Come to think of it, what makes a plate?
Now hold on, I ain’t referring to the material a plate is made of, say ceramic or bone china. A toilet bowl is made of the same. What makes a plate is it’s content. Whatever the plate holds is what it is. It is why the African man from South Nyanza – Kenya cannot go to bed without having a plate of Ugali. Humans like a plate are what they hold. What they have in them. As a man thinketh in his heart so is he, saith the wise man.

Now looking at a good plate at the table, it just doesn’t land from the blues. A good plate is carefully prepared and arranged to tantalise the taste buds. With the food having been garnished appropriately. And when it is time to dig in, it surely should not disappoint. A striking balance of taste is of essence. Perfectly seasoned. Not overly piquant like a fanatic would be, neither flat like the Christian who is supposed to be the salt of the World and has lost their taste and thus has no more use or value. A perfect balance is to be upheld in all spheres of life like the man of Calvary. Having a good report among men and with God. A man of regular standing.

Forget not what makes a good plate—Finely prepared food. A fine plate wouldn’t be deficient of salt if savoury or sugar if it were to be dessert. Neither would it be gooey when expected to be chilled, or slightly warm when it is to be fervid, unlike the Laodicean of Revelation 3. A perfect man would be adequately seasoned with a kind and loving heart. Being of good cheer, faithful in service and benevolent would ensure a vibrance of countenance. Having a smile plastered on his face always. Loving God and man, a human of good report would never grow weary of doing good.

For a plate to be pronounced good as God pronounced His creation to be at the beginning of counting time, it has to be of sufficient quantity. Of what good is it to the partaker if they will only have a taste and keep yearning for more because of an infinitesimal helping?
A good man is one apt to task. One diligent in duty. Prepared always in season and out of season. The interesting thing is, it doesn’t come in a day. Deliberate effort has to be made to curve out this man. With serious striving and chiselling of one’s behavior and will, good habits are formed and an upright character established.

It cracks my ribs how a lazy student dreams of being His year’s valedictorian. Or the work-shy employee dreams of one day being the CEO of the same company. Wake up sweetheart, that only works in dreamland. One ought to be sufficient in whatever field of duty, consistently labouring to achieve an ultimatum.
Struggling with fallbacks? Worry not. It’s part of the journey. Trust the process. With constant practice, it becomes a habit.

A plate wouldn’t be good if it overstayed on the pan or in the dish, how would it be? It obviously would go stale. A simmering pot hisses slowly and steady to make ready the broil. Slow and steady is the way, always having the end in mind. With a hopeful look to the Saviour, longing for his soon return. Seeking to grow in faith, changing our orientation to align ourselves with the master’s will. Developing a perfect balance of life, building a character for heaven.
Why tarry longer, why grow stale in that easily besetting sin? Look to Jesus and live. Drink from that fountain so freely flowing. He is faithful to save. Long-suffering is He that no man should perish, but all should come to repentance.

Only He who lived a perfect life has the power to make us perfect—He who was slain from the foundation of the earth.
Record has it that in the beginning God created the heavens and earth. And he said ” Let us make man in our own image.” And he made them male and female and pronounced them good.

Can you be pronounced good?

@Essie's pen. 

7 thoughts on “The perfect plate.

  1. A very encouraging mind. Continue enlightening us always, May Our good Lord grant you the wisdom and knowledge always, Amen!

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  2. He who was perfect is the only one to make us perfect and He calls us come all those who are heavy laden and I will give you rest. He invites us further to learn of Him because He is meek and lowly in heart and surely we will qualify to be called good. Bravo champ enlighten us further, be blessed.

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