A World Without Rain

A World Without Rain.

One of the natural resources that the world is concerned about is rainfall. A geographical area can be in one’s preference list because of the millimeters of rainfall it receives per annum. Rain is equated to production. In fact there’s a saying among the Luos, that goes : ‘Koth wuon chiemo’, which can be translated as rainfall, the source of food.

In fact if there has not been adequate supply of rain water, then it can as well mean that famine is knocking. This is a true global condition, but even more true in areas where farming has not been mechanized, where the waves of agrarian revolution have not been felt, where farming is done by faith and hope that there will be showers of blessings, hence no need for irrigation in its different respects.

In fact as I pour my ink now, I am not so much at peace. In one of my calls home last week, I was reminded of the unreliable rainfall this season, and that can mean that no expectations of whole grains, pristine and unbolted. Indeed, I now understand the true impact of the statement, ‘koth wuon chiemo’.

But like all coins have two sides, it’s the same with rain. I remember with mixed feelings, the experience I personally have hitherto had with rain. When I was a little boy, young and carefree, we could play in the rain, and it was fun. We only had to take reasonable caution to avoid ‘catching malaria’. We were made to understand that being rained on causes malaria, but my High school Biology class taught me about the mosquito of the other gender that did not betray Christ, to be the causative agent. Our teacher went further to laugh at the teaching we had safely and subconsciously harboured, that playing in the rain brings about malaria.

Even more, as we took care of father’s flock, rain was not a good news. If you have been a herdsman or a shepherd before, you may resonate quite well. When on duty in the grazing fields, you must always keep the watch. You cannot with safety lose track of your herd, unless your herd have lost appetite for the forbidden grounds. This therefore means that we had to keep watch through the sun and rain, cause there was no other way, unless we had given up on pursuing peace with all men, without which no one will see God.

The worst rainfall is probably the urban rainfall. When caught up in the mix, in Nairobi for instance, the prices of Umbrellas will shoot, and as you wade in the waters to pick your bus home, the prices also scares you.

How do you feel when a man in a suit is being soaked mercilessly in a heavy downpour? What comes into your mind?
Have you ever imagined a world without rain? Did you know this has ever been the case? In fact it was supposed to be this way. I have never been convinced by the big bang or nebula cloud theories, so for me I don’t believe in creation by chance. I don’t believe in nothing either, I don’t even think this is possible. So I believe that there is a master designer, who created everything in an orderly pattern, such that everything needed to sustain the other was made available before it came into existence. Can you imagine if herbivores were created before the creation of herbs? A recipe for disaster it would have been. What about the creation of rain?

You must have been waiting for this. It may be important to note that rain is missing in the story of creation. It was not needed in the earth, pristine and without death and decay. People got their water from the fountains and rivers unpolluted by activities of man. The crops got sufficient moisture from the ground and dew, and thus budded and brought forth enough to sustain everyone. There was no hoarding or market failures we see today. It took more than a thousand years before the rain was first seen by mankind. And it was a divine response to sagging moral standards. It became an absolute necessity to cleanse the world of its moral pollution. The best way was that which they had never seen nor heard, which the skeptics of the day were bound to doubt because of the absence of empirical literature.

Can this work for us now? How can it be without the rain? If asked to choose a world without rain in AD 2021, I would still choose rain. The kind of pollution we have caused around us needs our world to be bathed from time to time. The atmosphere is dusty and rusty. The world without rain may need doing away with a lot of our inventions, a thing we can’t afford, because we’re a sample of weaklings who believe in making work easier. So we need our car, our plane, our tractor and all these implements which makes work easier. And the pollution they cause makes showers of blessings an absolute necessity.

A World without rain needs restitution of all things, something that the entire creation is awaiting. It may need demolition of some structures and systems, not on the basis of engineering or architectural misdeeds, but because we cannot afford them in a world without rainfall.
We can be a little loving to mother earth who has had to bear the burdens of our carelessness this years through. We can reduce the pollution we can afford to avoid.
Nature bears the burden of our impunity long, but not too long to always rectify them. Let’s remember that nature retaliates in a more decided manner when pushed to the wall. If you destroy the natural, nature will give up on cushioning the unthankful you and me, and when
she responds, we will not be able to withstand the besom of her wrath. We can now understand why deadly tornadoes and tsunamis are more rampant than ever before.

4 thoughts on “A World Without Rain

  1. Wooow…….I love the exposition on Mother Nature and indeed we ought to preserve and care for it for its the second book that God grated us to study apart from the Bible………I would also choose the rains to exist 😊
    Thanks much and be blessed🤝

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  2. Indeed a world without rain is not worth living, the rain does so much to help the earth be a place worth living, The good God is extra genius to have thought about making rains to exist.

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