The Most Important Day of Your Life

Which is the most important day of your life?
You may say your birthday. Well, it’s an important day, but it has very little to do with you. After your jumpstarting cry which set your systolic and diastolic sequence, others took over and did everything without being patient to ask of your taste and preference. You may have established a good taste in terms of cladding, nutrition, or even car. But on the day you were born, your big people used whatever is available to make a difference. No one thought it necessary to enquire about your dream car then. If they found a Nissan Sunny or a Cadillac, they used it, not knowing that twenty years later,a car to you would only be a BMW X6. Your birthday is important, but you can’t do much about it.

Maybe someone could talk about some grand achievement, the day you secured your well paying job, or the day you said “I do”. All these are great and memorable days, but you cannot do much about it other than to celebrate and make merry.
They are already gone and you cannot improve them, for time when it has taken course, it’s a forgone alternative.

Maybe you’re a spiritual person, for you have made a conscious decision to believe that there’s a God in Heaven. This could be a very important day in your life, as it keeps you committed to truth. So maybe you have nostalgic feelings as you reminisce the fond memories of that grand day when you made a bold step to stand on Zion’s Glorious Summit. Well this is a great day. It could be more important than many other days, because your spiritual convictions influence how you will handle everything else in life. For many people, it reorganizes even cultural persuasion.
But this is not yet the most important day in your life.

So which day is it?
Well, so simple, it’s today. Today is the most important day of your life. Today means available opportunities. Today means unused options. Today means unmade decisions. Today means a privilege to correct the mistakes which have been egregiously wrought in the past. Today means a privilege to unlearn the bogus and baleful traits which have been cherished in the past. It is a chance to relearn the forgotten steps in the path of obedience, perfect and perpetual. It is a time to learn the trade you’ve just seen through Wishful thinking. You’ve wanted to be more proactive in your approach to life, today means a time to try out and improve even further.

If there’s something you have been practicing that you don’t like, today is the best day to say bye and sign the divorce letter. By not stopping it today, you make tomorrow a bad day. By not improving the present opportunities you make tomorrow burdensome. The vices of teen age makes youth a faltering period, and mistakes of youth will overtask the energies of your adulthood, and you may not be able to correct them fully. It is easier to become corrupt in character, than to grow and become a moral giant. So it is good advice, that you better mind what you are thinking about, what you are talking about, and what you’re creating time for.
If today is abused, then it goes without saying that tomorrow has been sacrificed, and sold in a cheap market.

Maybe L. Clark summarised it well in this timeless hymn:

Today, While the Sun Shines

Today, while the sun shines, work with a will;
Today all your duties with patience fulfill.
Today, while the birds sing, harbor no care;
Call life a good gift; call the world fair.

Today, today, work with a will;
Today, today, your duties fulfill.
Today, today, work while you may;
Prepare for tomorrow by working today.

2. Today seek the treasure better than gold,
The peace and the joy that are found in the fold.
Today seek the gems that shine in the heart;
While here we labor, choose the better part.

3. Today seek for goodness, virtue, and truth,
As crown of your life and the grace of your youth.
Today, while the heart beats, live to be true,
Constant and faithful all the way through.

“As each day comes we must in the strength of Jesus meet its trials and temptations. If we fail one day we add to the burdens of the next, and have less strength. We should not cloud the future by our carelessness in the present, but by thoughtful and careful performance of today’s duties be preparing to meet the emergencies of tomorrow.”

—Our Father Cares 150.4

20 thoughts on “The Most Important Day of Your Life

  1. Indeed , we’re given today that we may learn,unlearn and re-learn .
    Above everything , God has a will to execute in our today’s life that He may reach us even in the deepest depths of humanity.

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