With time comes life and with life comes time. The two are an intertwined mystery with a DNA entangled, so that with one is another and without the other is neither. Life is a cue of time, only but a question of when—depending on the species. For some events that occur, man can decipher, but since we’re nowhere close to the top of the intellectual chain, we rarely are able to figure it all out.
As a fallen race we stand weak and vulnerable though as time states, with time we shall be transformed. Not into a physically much different stature but technically restored back to our former glory.

As humans, our life is but a sample of a specimen of time in general, only a quantum of it’s expanse, even upon summation of an entire race. And since it is only a matter of time, some day, some time, my time will be done. My existence will quiver and diminish. As my life force comes to a halt, taking a break from it’s apparent never-ending systolic cycle. When it comes to an abrupt, mind-shattering stop, my systems shall shatter. And all that will be left to mark my existence through time will be the shattering of diaphragms of Shutterstock’s lenses. My image as myself, trapped in the memory of time.

Since life is but a stance of counting time, I have to hurry. Before time makes a move on my being, I have to make one on it’s incessant existence. With the little time I have left to occupy a pint of time’s existence, instinct stirs in me desire. The desire to leave a mark. To leave a legacy. A hallmark rather in time’s hallways.To haste to live my dream, as a blossom in the early days – right before the tenderness of time starts to depart and the vigour of life starts to wear with time. To fulfill my being and purpose of existence in time just before I depart on time.

Upon that time, someday sometime,whether in a coffin, mausoleum, tomb, lair, lawn, cave, in the heart of the earth or the abyss of deep impenetrable waters I’ll lay. Still, with my life force extinguishing with every waning moment. Having no say on what I will or desire. Only but a liability…no longer an asset
Hoping to have lived my days to the fullness of time’s expectation and it’s originator, always awaiting my transformation.

You know it sends my mind in a frenzy not knowing the magnitude of the severity of my surrounding population. Neither you nor I is the custodian of knowledge otherwise it would cease to be a depthless pool.
All I know is that I wish to know to be fulfilled to fulfill a course so noble so as to be restored.
All I need is to trek the path of goodness,so that one day,
Upon restoration, we become a nation,
A section of a universe where the verse of vulnerability shall be erased from the memoir of the existence of timepiece.

—@Essie's Pen. 

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