Death is in Trouble

When God created man, He was not to be a mun, Secured eternally, He was to live sempiternally, But the cunningly devised fables, Irrevocably disconnected the life’s cables, So that everyone born, Must have the forebodings borne, So now, while in this frame, We go by in a terrible rame, Knowing we may not come […]

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Should We Avoid Social Media?

Social media (SM), defined, refers to interactive forms of media that allow users to interact with and publish to each other, generally by means of the Internet. When we hear about SM, we think of facebook, twitter, whatsApp, Instagram, telegram etc. Which one of them are you using? Are you having a good time? Today’s […]

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What’s Wrong with Your Friends?

You have 5K friends on Facebook, You’ve reached the maximum limit, You cannot receive any more friend requests, Two-thirds of these friends you don’t know, But you were intrigued by their comportment, But something seem a miss, They are not friendly, See the way they have stepped on your precious self-esteem and ego, The other […]

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I Love You But as a Friend

Have you ever received such a confession? Has someone ever come out to clear issues with you and say, “I want to make things clear, well, I love you but as a friend.” I love you but as a friend is a statement that many young men find extremely discomfiting. I don’t know if ladies […]

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To whom shall we turn?

Science claims man evolved. Religion attests that he was created. Traditionalists believe that from a mystical being, man came to be. What is your story?Created as highly social beings, man has always needed company. One’s social well-being dictates much of their emotional and physical welfare. Essentially one who is stable in all these three aspects […]

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Don’t Touch That Woman!

One of the most prominent challenges of today’s world has to do with matrimonial relationships. Infidelity has raised it’s deformed head with boldness till it is almost becoming a norm. It is not in any way new, but the intensity with which it has come is astounding when compared with the preceding generations. It is […]

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The perfect plate.

A plate is good, but a good plate is better.But yet still…a better plate would be better than the best. Come to think of it, what makes a plate?Now hold on, I ain’t referring to the material a plate is made of, say ceramic or bone china. A toilet bowl is made of the same. […]

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A World Without Rain

One of the natural resources that the world is concerned about is rainfall. A geographical area can be in one’s preference list because of the millimeters of rainfall it receives per annum. Rain is equated to production. In fact there’s a saying among the Luos, that goes : ‘Koth wuon chiemo’, which can be translated […]

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