‘Memelords’ got it Right Again: Short people are not going to Heaven!

Well, this is a very serious issue. You may have clicked it merely to satisfy your curiosity. But it’s the same thing you saw in the title. Memelords got it right once again: short people are not going to Heaven!
If you are impatient, this is just enough. Just stop reading and log into tik-tok and laugh your heart out. Just remember there’s no heaven for short people. But you are going to misrepresent this website with such superficial knowledge and if you quote us somewhere, an astute and deep reader will have no otherwise but take back their respect. I’m politely, reminding you that you are at a point of no return. So just fasten your belt and read it all. I’m not saying you are going to endure. Of course, I have invested here and I don’t have time for mediocrity.

But before we go ahead, I may need us to agree on a few things. One is that you don’t know what is meant by the term “short people”, and secondly, that you will strictly conform to my decision, because if you don’t, you will not benefit from this piece of writing.

Stunting is a biological condition which results from acute malnutrition. Stunting defined, means when someone is too short for their age. It’s a long-term effect of malnutrition and it is irreversible. According to WHO (World Health Organization), Stunting is the impaired growth and development that children experience from poor nutrition, repeated infection, and inadequate psychosocial stimulation. Children are defined as stunted if their height-for-age is more than two standard deviations below the WHO Child Growth Standards median.
This is good biology and nutrition study. But this is not our definition of short people.

So how do we define a short person?
Human beings are not measured in inches and feet. Humans are not even measured in pounds and shekels. One is not a great person because His high can qualify to be included in the category of ‘American height’. Unproductive and foolish people can be favoured with good conditions and genes that they end up standing out as tall fools. In the same way, others can be short and extremely stubborn. We don’t measure human beings in feet/inches. On the contrary, character is the measure of a man. The ability to improve the present opportunities, to learn the needful, to unlearn the bogus, and relearn the forgotten, is the measure of man.

Therefore, for the sake of this write-up, short people are those individuals who cannot unlearn, learn, or relearn. They are confronted with the need to improve present opportunities, but they hit way too much below the belt, that they make no progress. They remain ignorant in the presence of information. They are anorexic in the presence of abundance. They are spiritual dwarfs when it is their privilege to grow in the deep things of God. They spend years in their degree programs, but they know nothing that pertains to their area of study. Their lives can be summarised as a wasted opportunity. They are remembering the past unimproved opportunities and they are silenced, not able to quibble nor murmur. They end up being victims of cognitive dissonance. Accusing conscience pins them down, but there’s nothing they can do. They see the promised land yonder, but they cannot help but unite themselves to the whoredom of peor. They are members of the Church, but if their lifestyle was to be used to draw an inference on the Church, the church can get a definition other than the pillar and ground of truth. They are very religious, but not spiritual. They know hymns, but they don’t know Him for whom they sing. Short people are not going to Heaven!

Heaven is a place of activity, but the short people have loved and excelled in indolence. They sleep on the post of guard! They cannot be trusted with little things, for they have been measured and found wanting. Heaven is not going to be good enough for them, rather a punishment, for they will want to sleep on duty, but there is no night there, for it is a land of fadeless days.

Heaven is a reward for the victors, but the short people have matched right into besetting sins and fell headlong into troubles. They have invited temptations to tempt them, and they have kept on saying that I will sin for the last time, and now they are practicing it for seven years plus, but every time they pretend it’s their last time. They are conducting themselves in such a way that they will only be aroused from their slumber, when the judgments of God are upon the land, and it’s too late to be what they were supposed to have been in the probationary period generously offered.

Heaven is a place for those who have crucified self, but the short people, trust themselves, for they face the devil with theological arguments and no prayers at all. They lose the argument and cross the floor from the opposers side, to the proposers’ side, doing the biddings of the great apostate. They mean well. They admire spiritual giants. They sing the faith of our fathers. But they follow a different path that only leads to a cry, “Alas! My brother! 😥. They admire well organised homes and post their dream couple. But they don’t dig deep to realize the path to the coveted spot with the great and mighty. Their lives can as well be summarised as a lost opportunity!

“Many hardly know, as yet, what self-denial is, or what it is to sacrifice for the truth’s sake. But none will enter Heaven but by the same path of humiliation, self-sacrifice, and cross-bearing, that the Saviour trod. Only those who are willing to sacrifice all for eternal life will have it, but it will be worth suffering for, worth crucifying self and sacrificing every idol for.”

—Our High Calling 189.5

11 thoughts on “‘Memelords’ got it Right Again: Short people are not going to Heaven!

  1. “We don’t measure human beings in feet/inches. On the contrary, character is the measure of a man. The ability to improve the present opportunities, to learn the needful, to unlearn the bogus, and relearn the forgotten, is the measure of man”

    A lesson depicted!

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  2. Wow. Am short but I don’t want to be stubborn and miss heaven. 😂😂. Let’s not be zacchaeus in our faith and loose the heavenly beauty. We need to be Goliaths of faith and we shall inherit that beautiful city.

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