Should Everyone Just Do Whatever they Want to do?

Money talks

Freedom is the greatest need of every soul. Absolute autonomy is deemed by many a point of self actualisation, and many will really fight to achieve it. No one wants their liberties to be under the power of another, who thus enjoys the privilege of curtailing or fostering it. We want to do whatever we want. Different schools of thought even suggest that let everyone do whatever makes them happy. What do you think about all this? Can the world be a better place if we are simply left to do whatever we want to do?

From the face value, it looks great and nice. But if observed under the high power magnifying lens, then it brings forth diverse inferences all together. Being free to do whatever I want to do, means jumping the queues every time I have problems waiting for my turn to be served. Being free to do whatever I want to do, means going to the exam room with all the tools of reference research. It means coming to work at the time I want to, and leaving anytime I miss home. It means facing it off with anyone who steps on my toes and thwacking everyone who dares to mess up with me. It means getting anything I want, when I want it, without considering the law of demand, market inefficiencies, and the possible scarcities.

Imagine how the world can be if all the rapists around were free to do whatever they want to do? What if all the gigantic murderers and bullies were allowed to do whatever makes them happy? What about you who can be best described as a white-washed tomb, but full of bones of the dead? With interests criss-crossing, don’t you think the World can be a little hell, and death can be a desire of many?

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Another challenge is that we Have Internal Biases. Most people do not operate from a point of rationality and sound judgement. The interactions we have had in the past, has made us predisposed towards particular directions and we cannot with safety trust even our own decisions. Imagine a drunkard as a panelist in a panel seeking to legalise or incriminate consumption of liquor? What about when a corrupt leader is helping to make laws and pieces of legislation that guides how to punish or reward the lovers of free lunch? So our internal biases make it hard to make trusted decisions. We end up spending forever in the valley of decision faltering between two opinions or more. Have you had people saying that they don’t know what to do? This is not true. They are confronted between doing the right thing, or perpetuating the systems they were raised in, or those that they can’t help but favour everytime. You will always make mistakes if you are anchored on biases.

Ever heard of anarchy? A chaotic and confusing absence of any form of political authority or government. It means everyone does whatever they want, anytime they want it, without considering what other people want. Lawlessness plunges the world into a state of quagmire and unrest that can never be solved…

I share a school of thought that we must have freedoms within sound frameworks. We don’t need to be robotics and automatons as embattled regimes do, but we must be comfortable in doing whatever we want. Whatever we want must align with the norms of humanity, if not, then we will be safe to ignore them.

The law is not done away with. Murder is still a wrong. Adultery still steals matrimonial happiness and brings misery in the family.

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We need God’s law to preserve the happiness of everyone. If our pulpits teaches that the law of God is not binding anymore, they are legalizing murder, adultery, corruption and entire lawleness. If people do not need to consider divine directions, they will not respect any human institution!

14 thoughts on “Should Everyone Just Do Whatever they Want to do?

  1. A good piece Mtumishi. Even Jesus, the son of God couldn’t do whatever he wanted. That only which was in the perfect harmony of His Father is all He pursued. May our doings and interactions and the freedom altogether we enjoy draw many to Christ. There’s a grave consequences in living a lawlessness life!

    Thanks brother!

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  2. God’s law is not to enslave but to liberate. To liberate from sin which enslaves, and moreover it is the law of liberty, hence let’s live as those who’ll be judged by it- James 2:12.

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  3. The philosophy of “do what makes you happy or do whatever you want …” Is an idea which is traced be the devil’s slogan in revolt against the law of the Most High. Satan wants to make people feel free by terming the law of God a burden to them . That’s why those who chose to do whatever they want always find themselves in conflict with the way of God and the entire humanity institutions. The true joy of doing what makes one happy is found in the way of the Lord again . Psalms 119:174
    [174]I have longed for thy salvation, O LORD; and thy law is my delight.
    Many other psalms and Holy writings affirm of the same.
    Amen . Be blessed for the piece.

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  4. He didn’t come to abolish the law but rather to strengthen and give it power to work more immensely in us to produce the same character as His . Simply because He is the creator He doesn’t just take the pleasure of killing those whom He created. What of us? Do we have any liberty to do the contrary? Not at all because the law is a hedge which separates us from the freedom which would in turn kill us. Blessings galore mtumishi.

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