What to Do with Other People’s Sin

Choose your turn.

Sin is uncomfortable. Sin is burdensome. Sin is a bully and when allowed to reign, sin becomes an automatic tyrant. Sin has never mastered the art of freewill and freedom of choice. Sin does not negotiate, but wants it all, and he wants it now. Whereas fire is a good servant and a bad master, sin a terrible servant and unbearable master!

With this information you may realize that it means a lot how you handle a sinner.

I am not saying that a sinner is a great person or that sinning is a great thing that needs a standing ovation, no never! A sinner is not an important person that we may need to tread softly while handling him out of awe and respect for what they have achieved by their disobedience. There is nothing respectful about sin, deliberate and otherwise. Sin is not funny. There is nothing admirable about sin and many people find sin as a call to condemn, accuse and fault-find. But to such accusers of brethren Christ is making it clear, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. With this in mind we should accept to be demoted from the round table of censure and finger-pointing. And again this doesn’t mean that we should clap for sinners. There’s nothing really commendable about sin!

How does an average person handle other people’s sin?
The gospel prophet seemed to have nailed it. God is complaining that He has been sought by people :

Which says, Stand by thyself, come not near to me; for I am holier than thou. These are a smoke in my nose, a fire that burneth all the day.—KJV Isaiah 65:5

God seems to have a problem with people who see themselves as the yardstick of faithfulness. This does not mean that holiness is a bad thing. The Bible is very bold in reminding us that God is calling us to a higher ground. Be ye holy, for Him who has called you is Holy. Holiness is still admirable, and in fact without it no one shall see God. We need to take time to be holy, for the world rushes on. The state of the world since the fall in Eden, demands that we spend much time in secret with Jesus alone, for by looking to Jesus, like Him we shall be. This if done well, will automatically make our friends see Christlikeness in our conduct.

Most of us find in the faults of others a topic of discussion. Many a time you will hear them accusing people from whom they expect much, of hitting below the belt. This they will share with everyone who has time to listen (I pray you don’t be a consumer of the reports of other people’s sins). They will angrily whip characters out of the guilty, in a way that they themselves cannot endure?

Is there a danger with this?
O yes there is.
The first danger is that we don’t know how to handle other people’s sin. We find it a topic of discussion, whereas we should have made it a prayer item.
Secondly, when we focus on the sin of other people, we tend to be lenient on ourselves and we end up being careless and this always proves a good chance for the devil to prescribe another fatal wound. In simple terms, it can be summarised as, “Sinners accusing other sinners for committing different sins!”
If you know of someone’s sin, find it a privilege to pray for them. Don’t treat it as a topic of discussion with your caucus of gossipers.
You may be struggling to remind us how promiscuous individual X is, without knowing that pardon has been registered against his name in the ledgers of Heaven.

Again, I want to be categorical, that this is in no way, an advocacy for covering sins.

He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy.—KJV Proverbs 28:13

We are called upon to confess our sins and forsake them. If you have found out that someone is sinning somewhere, and you can’t help but talk it out, they are the best option for an audience. Go tell them privily and pray with them. If you don’t pray for someone, you have no right to criticize them!
Only God can handle the sin problem. Remember the plan of redemption is older than Adam. Before Adam took us in, Christ had pledged Himself a surety for us. He has the moral ground to complain at our ingratitude and deliberate sinning. Instead, He has pledged Himself that:

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.—KJV 1 John 1:9

Arrows of the enemy were constantly shot His way, but He met them under the unquestionable authority of the word of God. The tempter was stranded, being left with no better option to make Him sin. And so today it is our privilege to tell the World that Christ has made atonement for sin, for He is a wonderful Saviour. The world needs to hear that We are redeemed! The price is paid! For Christ is a wonderful Saviour.

All Sinners need to hear that there is a savour, and that He is their savior too. We need to have a good understanding of what we need to do When the Flesh Has Done it again, and the sincere appeal of Christ, that we Go and sin no more

No one will accept to be baptised in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, because someone else is a sinner. Instead, people feel okay if sin has been pushed to the neighbours compound…

Other people’s Sin is not the everlasting gospel, stop preaching it to all the Nations.

23 thoughts on “What to Do with Other People’s Sin

  1. Aha! I’ve come across such statements many a times…that we should abstain from judging others whilst we are the chief of sinners. Jesus also shed light on this matter when using metaphors such as specks in the neighbour’s eye whilst the person accusing has a huge block if wood in their eyes.
    The solution provided, praying for them, is the best option there is.
    Thanks again

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  2. If by any chance you argue with sin it will automatically win the battle. So sin is unique once you notice just flee and seek help from above, Him that has power over everything is the only solution yo overcome sin. Lets practice as well to call sin their real names and not give it or engalf it in some sweet name this may make sin normal than they actually are.

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      1. Christ example alone is all we need as we live here below. He loved and mingled with sinners as he prayed for them to go and sin no more. However, he hated sin. Thank you Barack for sharing this powerful content.

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  3. A powerful and timely message, indeed talking about other people’s faults is our greatest weakness and takes us to our comfort zones thinking that we better ,May God help us to learn from him, hating sin and loving the sinners bacause salvation is freely given to all, thanks for the soul-searching message, blessings.

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  4. Nice piece . From where I stand ,I would rather look at the cause of the sin. Yeah sinning is bad and we are human. If we probably learn to handle the cause of this sins we will avoid sin. This causes some may refer to them as temptations or challenges . By falling into these temptations we have sinned. Maybe by understanding the cause the of this sins (temptations or challenges) we would be able to get a different view on sin. And perhaps have a different take on those we refer to as sinners.


  5. Wow interesting thought. In fact the problem of sin will be dealt with when christ comes the third time we have no right to deal with other people sins we just deal with ours by talking to Him daily and tell Him that we are sinners like the tax collector and we will be justified. Good work bro

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  6. “ Neither do I condemn thee” should be our words at heart when we hear of another person’s sin but we instead always see ourselves holier and start judging the “sinner” forgetting we too are under grace.
    I have never heard of anywhere Christ referring to someone’s sin as an example, what about the current church ?
    Ossie thank you for this ❤️

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  7. If by any chance you argue with sin it will automatically win the battle. So sin is unique once you notice just flee and seek help from above, Him that has power over everything is the only solution yo overcome sin. Lets practice as well to call sin their real names and not give it or engalf it in some sweet name this may make sin normal than they actually are.

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