Gold is Precious but Silver is Good Too

Gold is Precious, but Silver is Good Too,
For before I knew about gold,
I knew about silver coins,
Whose drop made us stop and search till we get back,
A successful search meant our snack was sorted,
At least before the Inflation blew our currency away,
Sending us bowing down to Bretton woods institutions,
Seeking a wall of the gold standards about us.

Gold is Precious, but Silver is Good Too,
I saw a cobbler reshape our shoes in exchange for a few silver coins,
When I looked again, I saw bread on his table and his sons had their tuition fee cleared,
What about the beggar on the street?
At twilight, he was equally not there,
The silver coin you gave him begrudgingly to make us place on you a tag of altruism,
But while cursing inwardly and blaming them for being burdensome,
Have been multiplied by an invisible hand,
His mortgage is paid,
And his dependents are happily smiling at the frugal meal that has made a difference on their table,
They will after this, thank God for His providence, and with even greater hope look forward to a better tomorrow.

Gold is Precious, but Silver is Good Too,
A Golden Jubilee is a milestone,
But it’s only silver I’ve got here,
With it, I have seen men saying yes to truth and despising the shame of Calvary,
I have seen people rise again from sinfulness to faithfulness,
I have seen a disobedient stubborn son renounce his impetuous renegade self, and become a son indeed,
I have seen a D student finding their winning ways again,
I have seen love stories come and go, and in their stead, a timeless lesson that eases the subsequent conquest.
I have seen men broken and reduced to an old rickety, rackety, wreck,
But these selfsame men became men of stature because they learned to bow before Jehovah’s Awful Throne,
And so when I celebrate a Silver Jubilee,
I want to remind ye all,
That gold is precious, but silver is Good Too.

Happy Birthday, Ossie

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