Genesis 1 verse 4, 2021 Version

Let there be light…

KJV Genesis 1:4
And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.
Genesis chapter one verse one through verse outlays the divine principle of separation.
We see God’s compliments on light, for He saw it as something very good. It should be clear to all Bible scholars and readers that God had no compliments for darkness. He said nothing about darkness. In fact He had no time for darkness. God respects time, and He didn’t want to allocate any for darkness.
Nonetheless, following the law of opposites and contextual readership, we can get God’s stand concerning darkness. The Bible tells us that there was darkness on the earth desolate. When God comes into the Scene, His fast action is seen in the command, “Let there be light.” It is not a request or suggestion, but a powerful creative word which made life exist where there was deep darkness. It seems like God cannot allow darkness to have easy time. Anytime darkness wants to get comfortable, God seems to be issuing a command, let there be light. What do you think God is saying today to that Darkness that is threatening for mastery in your life? LET THERE BE LIGHT!
And God saw the light and declared that it was good. Light is good. But remember light was being contrasted with darkness. So darkness definitely was not good. Darkness, real or implied, is not good. Darkness brings fear in the hearts of everyone except Hyenas, Bandits and the Queens of the night. Darkness is a plague ; the Egyptians can confirm. Darkness brings chaos and gnashing of teeth. I cannot trade anything for darkness. For God who changes not, in 2021, He still has no compliment for darkness.
He erected a Berlin Wall between light and darkness and it is irredeemable. We don’t need a team of arbiters to try to reconcile the conflict between light and darkness. It is at the point of no return, and it is better left that way.
Our challenge is that we have a lot of people trying an impossibility—reconciling light with darkness. We’re learned, so we end up intimating a thought that everyone can set their own concepts of light and darkness. For God it is absolute, but for those who want to appear more loving than God, darkness and light are relative concepts, so that people can choose what to treat as darkness and what to call light.
So the divine line of demarcation has been reduced to a line of weakness and dotted ones.
Light and darkness are intermarrying and intermingling with each other. The deformed head of darkness has been raised in defiance and strange boldness as never before. But this is worse than darkness. It forms a darkness deeper than midnight. Our light must shine to dispel darkness. Darkness seems so default. Before there was light, darkness was there, bold and carefree. In the same way, if no light shines in our lives darkness will be very comfortable.
Darkness does not need any power for it to exist. Darkness does not need any discipline. Darkness does not need sacrifice, and where no effort has been made for light to shine, darkness will settle on its easy chair. But remember, God’s direction is that light and darkness should not mix. It is unsafe to tamper with darkness, you may never appreciate the beauty of light!

4 thoughts on “Genesis 1 verse 4, 2021 Version

  1. Bombarding and solemn thought over here. What has darkness to do with light? The two can never mix. John  3:19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. But the contrary is true. Thank you for the Insight.

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