An Open Letter to the Student who Didn’t do so well in the Exams

Hello dear student?
How are you?
Are you safe?
Do you have a reason to be happy in this season as results are being released?
I may try understanding the situation, but you do it better.
By the way how does it feel not to feature in the list of excellence or the most improved?
I guess it is not a good feeling, as all human beings want to be the best all the time, but only a few or one can get it everytime.
So the rest of us must find a way of achieving gratification other than being the best.
If you hear me talk like this you may be tempted to think I am going to fall to the trap many have fallen into over and over again.
The trap of claiming that grades don’t matter.
Don’t believe them dear child.
They are lying to you.
If it was true that grades don’t matter, they could have been celebrating you, but I didn’t see you on their walls.
Grades matter, and we are easily tempted to presume that those with good grades are great performers, till they either prove us right, or bitterly disappoints us.
So grades matter.
And hereby congratulate all top performers,
Be proud of yourself, we already respect you,
In fact we are tempted to think you’re the best candidate for the job and other opportunities ,
Kindly defend it with tact and character.
I must stop talking to you now, because this is not your letter…
And dear student,
A not so good grade is not proof of stupidity.
I know of many a man, who was a shining star, whose ultimate score we could not come to terms with.
I also know of students we got to hear about for the first time after the final exams,
While we expected less, they proved that you can make a difference by being a little more disciplined.
If not doing well doesn’t prove stupidity, so what does it prove?
It may prove you were sick, disturbed mentally, or that you were not keen enough, only don’t take it as a life sentence.
Some of you, who didn’t feature anywhere could have been top performers in all their academic life,
But because Grade point aggregate was not considered, we have classified you based on the final exam and so you’re a C student, while along you’ve been getting Bs and above.
Some of you were also not good students.
You lacked discipline, and was not prepared to succeed,
And chances are such are not surprised that they are not featuring anywhere.
I Will repeat, that, failure does not mean you’re stupid, because failure has a lot of causes other than stupidity.
But now dear child,
There is no scholarship for people of your category,
So are you going to coil yourself and die?
If you do this, you will prove yourself stupid.
Whereas it will be difficult to have someone believe in you,
You must be your first believer.
When you overcome all these prejudices, then you shall have done something that we will remember you for,
Coming out of nobody to somebody.
Never forget this,
“We don’t measure human beings by academic grades, but by execution of duties.”
Find what you’re good at,
Be the best in it,
And contact me to author your biography,
I assure you, it will sell.
I wish you well dear student,
As you begin your swimming lessons from the deep end.

Sincerely yours,
The Cleaver of Truth

14 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Student who Didn’t do so well in the Exams

      1. A wonderful encouragement , failing exam is not the end of everything but it might turn to be if you sit down mourning about the results, so dear learner wake up and do something!

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  1. Indeed failure is not fatal, it does come from many reasons
    The most important thing is not loosing your FOCUS, I know of some who scored D- and today they hold PhDs
    the first Step towards achieving what u want is knowing what you want coz if u don’t know where u are going, no road can take you there
    2nd Avoid shortcuts at any cost, For there is no place so near that can take u so far

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