An Open Letter to Those in their Defining Decade

Defining Decade.

How old are you?
No this is a bad a question, especially to the ladies, for ladies are always “24 years” and below. How young are you?
There is an age group I’m interested in. The age group that is endowed with the energy that is running the human affairs. The age group that is more often used by the politicians to break, wreck and crack. The age group that forms the majority of those found in the institutions of higher learning. The age group that provides the majority of jobless graduates, from whom the corporates demand five years’ experience yet they are fresh from the campus, trying to figure out what they are going to read and right having been charged so by the faculties they are aligned to. I’m talking to the age group from whence cometh the majority of brides. I’m interested in the 20 – 30 year old.
What strategy do you have laid by in store to help you navigate the turbulent waters of the defining decade? How do you want to handle the need for the delayed gratification which is common with this decade? Of what material is your skin made, and are you seeing the need to ‘slaughter a Rhinoceros’?
I’m not in any way trying to give an impression that the defining decade must be a time for strife and gnashing of teeth. It is the time when everyone have their energies together. The physical and the mental faculties are at the peak of their performance during this decade. In fact human brain fully develops on 25th birthday which is in the heart of the defining decade. I’m in essence reminding you of the most important decade of your life.
Maybe let’s critique the status quo. How is the life of the average 20 – 30 year old? To many it’s sad Mondays and jolly Fridays. The routine has been reduced to party after party, especially those who are assured of transfer payments from parents who didn’t misuse their defining decades, or who went through a friendlier system. Jumping from one dating scene to another without enough time to carry out a SWOT analysis. For the gentlemen—in fact they neither deserve the prefix ‘gentle’ nor the suffix ‘men’ but a simple ‘male’ — are victims of costly erections. Erections that result in siring fatherless children, series of STDs, sex addiction, and dwarfed mental faculties. Males who cannot be trusted with duties because they are warped and debased.

What about the girl child whom the gender equity crusaders are fighting for day and night? They despise their male colleagues who are not financially fit and they hang around with their dad’s colleagues and age mates—people they cannot introduce as suitors and retain the little respect they were donated.
So most people end up being bombarded by the third floor, threatening and promising like a merciless go-between. But here they are, no Manifesto, no course outline, but with disturbed conscience and regrets over missed opportunities and unimproved privileges. But the time is gone and the energies are withering like Jonah’s gourd that almost made him faint from terrible oriental heat. But it is too late and they have to settle for whatever there’s on the table but not their favorite dish. They now become the keenest critics of the government and successful relatives whom they accuse of neglect.

This is not in reference to everyone but a majority of the members of the defining decade. We have those who are sweating and who are disciplined upon duties solemn and fruitful.
The message in this open letter is therefore that we be merciful to the Defining Decade. It is a warning and a reminder that there goes a decade so important, a decade we cannot gamble with without having a reason to shed bitter tears which will avail nothing at the end.

The defining decade represent the peak of youthful strength and vigor. We have a lot of strength whose misuse can be so costly. We must be jealous with our time. This is not a stage to just be in something that does not have direction. Sever your presence from nonsensical meetings, which adds no value to your dreams. Be very strict and give no room to inhibitors who will place even an iota of opacity before you. You must be able to get yourself clear and sound on all those things that matters to you, and give no room to anyone who contributes not to the direction you want to go. Don’t be kind enough to dream killers.

Character wise, you must also be overly cautious. Your brain fully develops at 25, and you better seal your mental growth while established on a direction you would want to identify with for life. Don’t pamper any behavioral leakage. If there is anything you are cherishing that you wouldn’t want to identify with in your character there is every reason to stop. The reason being it will be more difficult to stop later and it shall have been too costly to your character. You may never regain what cankerworm has eaten, and if you do, it will be after a lot of sacrifice and discomfort. You cannot entertain the policy of ‘I will just stop someday’ in the Defining Decade. You should have stopped yesterday!

The youth are the index of the next generation. If you look at yourself and the way you conduct yourself, is there any hope for the next generation? Which kind of a father will you be? Which kind of a mother will you be? Which kind of a citizen will you be? Will you be a diligent contributor to household and national well-being, or you will be a burden to the exchequer? And what if we elect you as our president, will the country be safe? Will our flag be raised higher and higher, or we will succumb to anarchy? Will our economy be stable, or the state will be your shepherd?

“Against every transgression of the laws of life, nature will utter her protest. She bears abuse as long as she can; but finally the retribution comes, and it falls upon the mental as well as the physical powers. Nor does it end with the transgressor; the effects of his indulgence are seen in his offspring, and thus the evil is passed down from generation to generation.”

– White, Ellen G., and James White. Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene. Reformation Herald Pub. Association, 1890. p. 44.4

Think through this and make a difference.

Sincerely yours,
The Cleaver of Truth.

8 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Those in their Defining Decade

  1. Well I feel this is more important and should be read by everyone in that age group. Most of is do mistakes not knowing they are mistakes instead the norm of life. Only that the consequences come later when there’s nothing you can do to make a change

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  2. Such a solemn thought… Good questions for the mind…. We get ourselves into situations without thinking about the life thereafter… We dont have to suffer the consequences later… We can make the difference…. Grace abounds more😊


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