What the Temptations of Christ Was Supposed to teach us.

In the wilderness of Temptation.

The temptations of Christ serve a lot of purposes in the Bible. There are great lessons that we will do well to learn.

The Devil is No Respecter of Persons.
It is enough evidence to remind us that the devil doesn’t care about anyone. He treats all humanity as a bandwagon of victims ready to be harassed and annoyed. He is not discouraged that one is the greatest rabbi whose source of power is a constant communion with God, and who is committed to obedience perfect and perpetual. He is not merciful to Church leaders or those who have plotted a perfect spiritual curve, for he knows that their fall serves more than one purpose— taking them away from God, and giving a bad example to the rest and therefore, a blow to the power of the everlasting gospel. If the devil could tempt God, what makes you think you’re special? He will overwhelm you with a tsunami of temptations and step on the tail you’re wagging carelessly. No one should feel less endangered in this respect. The devil hates those who love God and those who hate Him alike. He has zero love for even those who have given themselves to his service. The devil worshippers are not safe either, and in fact he will kill them sooner or later so that they can gate-crash hell.

The devil is worried upon our Revival.
After 40 Days of prayer and fasting the devil came up with his catalogue of temptations. We should be more careful not to listen to the suggestions of this fallen angel especially after seasons of prayer. He knows how unsuccessful he can be with people who are fully connected to God. When we are becoming more powerful and hard to be convinced, he redoubles his efforts, marshaling all the arrows of hell against us. Looking at this, I can conclude that the greatest worry of the Devil is when we appreciate the need for revival and true faith. The greatest time to be more careful, is when we feel our spiritual taste buds are being awakened.

“When there is no special effort made to resist his power, when indifference prevails in the church and the world, Satan is not concerned; for he is in no danger of losing those whom he is leading captive at his will. But when the attention is called to eternal things, and souls are inquiring, “What must I do to be saved?” he is on the ground, seeking to match his power against the power of Christ and to counteract the influence of the Holy Spirit.”

– Darkness Before Dawn 5.2

The Devil is Opportunistic.
Malaria, Tuberculosis and a simple flu (in my context, it may be a thorn in flesh to members of the Caucasian stock, and I’m quite sorry for them) is one of the major killers of HIV/AIDS patients. These diseases take advantage of a wrecked immune system and knock out the weakened bodies of HIV patients, a duel they cannot easily win when the vital force is intact.
I think the devil shares a lot with AIDS, for he brings his temptations when he is aware of our greatest weakness.
After 40 days of restraining from a feeding program, the devil took advantage of this and tried solving it by inviting Christ to doubt His divinity. He didn’t stop this with Christ.
He will come when we are hurting after a loss of a loved one and offset our faith in God. He comes after a series of job losses and suggests that it doesn’t pay to live an honest life. At our greatest weakness, let’s trust God more and beware of an enemy waiting to pounce on us like Tuberculosis pounces on HIV/AIDS patients.

With all this information, my intention is that you give the devil a hard time after learning these great truths.
What you do with this information is out of my power though. I have done my part. Do yours!

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