Because You May Die Someday

Because you may die someday, Why don’t you live now, Why are you wading through life like it’s all thorn and potsherd, with no bold and beautiful? Because you may die someday, Why don’t you crowd the life with kindness, Is it hard to give the world a smile each day? Because you may die […]

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One Can be Too Much

Numerically, one represents the least amount of everything. Economically, one can be associated with poverty or absolute scarcity of resources. In fact, even in linguistics, one cannot share a table with those words which occupy position in the comparative and superlative degree. One can be equated with such words as meagre, few, minute, negligible etc. […]

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Genesis 1 verse 4, 2021 Version

KJV Genesis 1:4 And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.Genesis chapter one verse one through verse outlays the divine principle of separation. We see God’s compliments on light, for He saw it as something very good. It should be clear to all Bible scholars and […]

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