5 Reasons why you are not as successful as you would Want.

I have failed again

The nature of the world as it is, is that a few people control everything while an outstanding majority are left an option not better than servitude. In All yardsticks of success only a few individuals stand out.
If we talk about the richest people, we will think about the Bezos, the Elon, Bill and a few names. When we think of men who command the stage and a crowd, it will be Barack Obama, and who else? When we think of great footballers, the debate will be about Messi and Chris. What about great schools? After quoting Harvard, MIT, Cambridge, LSE, and a few Ivy League schools, we will ignore the rest as if they don’t exist.
The crowd has not garnered enough respect on many occasions, and it seems when success is brought on board, the crowd is in trouble again. Only a few individuals occupy positions in the coveted table of top achievers, while the overwhelming majority seems to be gathering in bundles ready to face the music of strife, want, and misery.
Why is it the way it is? Here are a reasons why you, or many people are not as successful as they wish to be:

1. You’re Not disciplined

Majority of the average people are not disciplined. Success in every line takes discipline as a non-negotiable requirement. Discipline is simply doing what you are supposed to do in the right time, in the right way, and for the right reason. You don’t have to be a genius to do well in class. You need discipline and diligence in your responsibility as a student. In the face of a thousand options struggling to waste your time, you must focus on your goal and give it your very best. This does not mean you become an academic robot, you can have leisure when it is possible.
But you will find out that most academic dwarfs spend most of their energy and time on sidewalk issues. They are in the swimming pool when their schedules read Library, and without a scruple, they choose sabbatical over duty. Success in line demands discipline that most of us do not have. In fact if you find your unorthodox means to success, chances are high that will be a victim of premature death! It takes discipline to gain success, and it takes discipline to handle success.

2. You’re Using the Wrong Formula

Formula is catching up with us again. How important is formula in getting to the coveted spot? Imagine as a mathematician you decide to ignore BODMAS and Pythagoras theorem, what is the probability that you will fall headlong into trouble? There are principles which guide every business transaction, every venture and pursuits. Wrong formulas will also give an answer, but we call that a wrong answer. Well you could say a wrong answer is an answer too, but remember no one spends resources to get a wrong answer. For instance in the game of soccer, the rule is that you gain a point by a score in the opponent’s goal post. But what if we say that our own goal is nearest, let me score an own goal and have a goal in my name, and you end up doing a hat-trick in your own goal post what will happen? The chances are so high that fans can storm the arena and reduce you to bits and pieces of mincemeat. You must not forget the formula of success in your field.

3. Divided attention

One common trait that average people exhibit is that they are jacks of all trades. They want to be the best singer, the best preacher, the best tutor all at the same time. While there are a few possibilities in such attempts, Majority are more often than not, overwhelmed.
This happens mostly in the dating scene. I once saw a meme suggesting that what most people desire are not in an individual. You are in a serious relationship, but you keep on throwing your eyes elsewhere and so you compare your partner with others. It is only in the dating scene where presumption works. Just assume that the person you are dating is the most beautiful person in the universe and give them all the attention and you will realize that it is not presumption anymore, for you will discover a lot of intriguing things about them you did not know before. When you have divided attention, you end in the dilemma of serving God and mammon, and in most cases you end losing God and dying in the pursuit of mammon. Choose one person, declare them the Queen or King, and build an empire that will withstand the test of time.

4. Presumptive Sufficiency.

Did you know that most people think so high about themselves? Most stupid people are wondering why people are not quoting them in speeches or not giving them opportunities to do keynote addresses. Most boring speakers don’t understand why people doze off on them. We are so kind to ourselves that we sometimes do so little to become better. We are just satisfied with our hypocritical religion that we don’t see the need for the old time religion and the faith of our fathers. We are so comfortable and complacent in the status quo that we are not moved to improve anything. We define the ability to swim by our comfort in the shallow end, and we enlist ourselves in the imaginary hall of fame of the greatest swimmers of all times. You must learn to pock holes on your own culture in order to see the need to improve. Don’t face life with Presumptive Sufficiency, you will always need to improve, till death interpose or The Kingdom of Grace is Established.

5. Disobedience to the Principle of Delayed Gratification.

“I want it now”, is a policy of most average people. You get into a relationship, you want to be a husband before you are a boyfriend. You will see the madness in this when you look at it in the academic world, where a first year student requests to graduate.
Success demands that you court and marry before you consummate. Success demands that you study, and write your dissertation before you graduate. Success demands that a seed be buried in the loam, and the necessary duties be performed between planting and Harvesting. If you plant corn, you must wait for three months. If you plant mango trees, you must wait for a few years to begin making mango juice. Go ask all those great preachers you admire, the business moguls, the great leaders and scholars, and you will realize that they had to endure the discomfort of waiting.

If you can reorganize yourself based on the above Penta Nuggets, you will be surprised with how far you can go in a few years.

14 thoughts on “5 Reasons why you are not as successful as you would Want.

  1. Accurate, timely and on point. Actually many of us are victims of such and the worst thing is that we look for shortcuts to success forgetting that they alwayals are wrong cuts. Am personally blessed by this and now I know that for me to succeed I have to especially pass through the discomfort of patience so help me God 🙏

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