Who Taught Him?

Ark against all odds

We are fascinated by psychologists,
In fact you could be studying to be one,
But I’m liking the first psychologist,
He borrowed no one’s idea, but ye all are studying his ideas and it’s working out for you in the field when we seek psycho-social support.

The planes look magnificent as they glide through the atmospheric heaven,
Obeying the Bernoulli’s Principle, they look insurmountable, we all want to be pilots and aeronautics guru,
But I can’t help but respect those who thought that we can outsmart the birds in the air,
You will clap for the Wright Brothers, but I can’t help but give Daedalus and Icarus a standing Ovation

The Teachers, Tutors and Rabbis are great people,
We will want to be disciplined at the feet of the best,
But if I had a chance, I would go to the one who didn’t go through any training,
All that he taught were his fresh ideas and thoughts,
He was not bombarded with other people’s axioms and opinions.

The Titanic was like an islet,
Seemingly invincible and impregnable,
But if I had to choose a marine vessel,
I would go for Noah’s Ark,
He made a floating house against the drawbacks of technology and the belittlement of the scoffers who made him a laughing stock.

I like well-ordered families,
Those families which seem to have a bulwark against all negative influences,
But I admire the family of Adam and Eve,
They had no example to follow, their children had no cousins and uncles and aunties,
But they were still happy and good to go.

I like motivational speakers,
Those who from their speeches seems to have started their chicken farm with just a feather 😂,
Who quote great men and leaders who have graced the arena of humanity,
But I would listen to that one Individual who had no one to quote and yet no one got bored listening to them.

I love beautiful things,
Those things which confounds our conception of aesthetics,
But I would like to see that woman who considered herself a dime piece,
When there was no Hellen of Troy and the woman of Proverbs 31 to set a standard.

We admire a lot of things, this side of eternity, but I give a timeless assignment, can you find out the first person who came up with that idea, then let us clap for them!
Those people who consulted their mental faculties and came up with a thing never seen before. Taught by no one yet a teacher of many!

6 thoughts on “Who Taught Him?

  1. I always try spending some minutes of my busy-day schedule to dog-dig deep into the world of idea generation.
    It’s possible as it was before, for one to bring forth a fresh idea to be celebrated for decades to come.

    Thanks Bro. Barrack for this

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