3 Times of the Day You Can’t Afford to Gamble With.

Redeem time

I’m not sure who said it, but most people have alluded it to the English men; time and tides wait for no man, and the economist says time is money. We cannot without net negative output, waste time. In the whole writ one of the concepts given a lot of weight is time, so you will hear the king of wisdom and sagacity saying there’s time for everything, and I can’t agree more. I especially like the concept of the time to sow and time to reap. The two follow a natural law that cannot be disobeyed. When you are required to put the seed in the soil, you will be declared a lunatic if you come to the fields with an intention of gathering into barns. Time is a principle and you cannot break it. If you try breaking a principle, you break yourself. For instance you can get to the balcony and jump into the air and try to defy gravity, and I’m not promising that God will send His angels to protect youπŸ˜‚.
So while time is important, it cannot be taken in a blanket manner. Everyone has 24hrs in a day and we must partition it to the demands of the day. So when someone is too busy to say hi, it is just a courteous way of saying, ‘Hey there, you don’t fall in my priority list, I can’t create time for you in my tight schedule because it adds little or no value at all”.
But all in all there are three important times of the day that you can’t afford to gamble with. I’m not saying that people are not gambling with these periods, but I’m saying that the consequences of such a huddle are too costly and by signing it you must meet the total cost even if it’s beyond your net worth. How people deal with these times makes a great difference in our holistic growth and determines if we will become men and women of substance or if we will join the outstanding majority of the average people, whom we have, too many!
So what are these three times?

1. The Time you wake up.

When do you wake up? For most people I have interviewed concerning wake up time, they have two different responses. A wake up time for the routine days and wake up time for the weekend. So you will find someone who wakes up at 5 am between Monday and Friday, and on the Weekend, they wake up when they cannot sleep anymore and this depends on whether they are joining a congregation or not for worship and Preparation for the other side of eternity.
You cannot gamble with this time. For instance if you need one hour to prepare for work, you cannot limit it to half an hour and achieve the same level of precision and comfort. It will spoil your day and mood and you end up performing poorly at work.
Time of waking up differentiate great achievers from the crowd. I’m not saying that there is specific time which is the best, but I’m saying that you can create some margins that will make a difference. Because of Job issues, you don’t have time for personal development and meditation. What if you added an hour earlier for yourself? No memes, no laughing around but continuing with your reading culture that you buried 20 years ago? And then on weekends you don’t sleep to the point of saturation, but you still wake up at the same time and set up in the project of redeeming time? You can be surprised how drastically you can change. People with a perfect time for waking up are more stable and fruitful in all manners of attainments possible to mankind. Only avoid the temptation to waste your time with memes and joke at 3 am. If you must wake up early, let it be for serious business and not revelry.

2. The ‘Lazy’ Time

Lazy time in this context refers to the time you have absolutely nothing to do. You had a 1 hour lunch break and you’ve spent only 20 minutes and another 40 mins is at your disposal. Whatever you do with this time is very important. For the outstanding majority, this time is used for social media and the rest. A lot of entanglements are fostered in such a time. But we need to realize that there’s a possibility of doing better with this time. Don’t dance to the tune from the Devil’s workshop! Ignore the pata pata from the subconscious mind that calls your attention to the bikinis on Instagram. Don’t even dare to join your favorite twitter wars. Make yourself more useful by finishing your personal development pending assignments. You will be surprised how powerful you become.

3. The Time you Sleep

And now it’s time to sleep once again. You’ve done a great work for the day and you have some satisfaction. You woke up an hour earlier and you made the best out of the lazy moments you had during the day. You’re proud of yourself. But did you know you can spoil this pattern by the time you sleep. There is no way you are going to wake up an hour earlier if you sleep two hours later. It beats logic and will lead to a nervous breakdown and the worst the worst form of ism, the somnambulism!
A perfect pattern must be set here too. Maintain a certain time, and if you have to disobey, then let it be that you get to bed a minute earlier but not later.
Don’t waste your time talking to strangers till midnight then you still want to wake up early. You will die young, and no one will stop anything for you. We will just announce a job vacancy and find the best from the frictionally unemployed group.

26 thoughts on “3 Times of the Day You Can’t Afford to Gamble With.

  1. This is very true like it’s what we experiencing may it be well that we will discipline ourselves to do that which is right and beneficial at the right time..

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  2. This is very beneficial to me , it’s awesome and i have learnt alot. All that is needed to be done is to be disciplined and avoid time wastage. Thanks alot.

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      1. Time as much as I know is the best gift from God,so why should we waste such a treasure Ossie πŸ€”πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

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