Behind the Shadows of Kubool



As we began another face of lockdown in an attempt to contain the ravenous COVID-19 which kept on spreading like the fires of Savannah, almost everyone I share with an end to end encrypted space on WhatsApp had a coping mechanism.
I don’t know if this trend had anything to do with the marauding pandemic, but I know it has been rampant during these tough times. I’m talking about the widespread playing of kubool anonymous messages.
But wait! What is kubool? I think this is not a wrong question. I am convinced that some of you, in fact a great majority may be wondering what this could be. Well in brief Kubool is an interactive anonymous messaging app with a dare game. You create your Profile Link and Send it to all your contacts to check what your friends think about you. With the help of Kubool, you can send and receive anonymous compliments easily for free!
Is this not exciting?
Those who cannot face you and tell you a lot of things on your face, can gather courage and address you behind the shadow of Kubool. If you have not had the courage to approach your crush, this seems a golden opportunity. The ladies who have never found a privilege to throw their pickup lines because it is abnormal—at least as is dictated by the unwritten laws of dating—can comfortably tell of their admirations. Those who are honest and don’t want to be misinterpreted can find it a good platform to drop their good gesture. You see most people have found themselves in emotional entanglements with those who interpret courtesy and appreciation as being in love.

But could there be some terrible and discomfiting issues behind the shadows of Kubool?
Maybe we can learn a few things from this game of anonymity:

It Encourages Revenge Mission

As people were swimming in the tidbits of good gestures, there were quite a good number who have been affected beyond psychosocial support. After receiving twenty good messages, one bad one can spoil your day. The power of a bad message is in the same magnitude as a dead fly in a perfume, for it must be putrefied. If you want to know that people can really be vengeful, try Kubool. Now in the century crowded with enough breaking news, who needs another sharp dart from authors who know no euphemism? It is important to realize that one bad message out of a thousand good ones is too much an opportunity cost. The truth is that the world has enough annoying people that it is possible to meet one each day without repeating one. With this knowledge, we must have a bulwark against such negativity. Don’t expose yourself to the enemies. People are harboring issues which they cannot dare say in direct speech. There are grenades awaiting opportunities.

Kubool Aborts Authentic Dialogues

A good feedback gives room for more additional information. You cannot get this in Kubool. You cannot find a way to follow up and put things in perspective. If you need to know more concerning a particular compliment or rebuke, the chances that you are going to ask the wrong person is too high. But here you’re, making yourself an object of joke and all the melodramatic advances. There cannot be an authentic dialogue without the ability to talk, respond and seek clarification. Even if you address yourself like some over thinker postulated, that people were just forming cartels who were to send premeditated messages that make them valuable, it still expose how desperate you are for compliments and it could reveal that there is little or nothing good at all about you, that can naturally evoke a compliment.

I asked for open feedback and got a few good feedbacks that I keep as bookmarks to remind me of who I am. I also was surprised by some bold friends who wanted to do it via Kubool, a privilege I denied them. I would only love authentic dialogues. Kindly spare yourself the burden of guesswork.

Kubool Has Exposed Our Crocodile Tears

There are a lot of my friends who presumed they were well loved and they were in trouble when they solicited the anonymous messages. People spoke their hearts out in a way they don’t when given a chance to speak in black and white.
What kind of society are we building if we cannot give just appreciation openly and also censure with heads up cause we mean well and think that unless our friends change, they will likewise perish?
But the big question yet again is simply, what if the dosage of the hard pills we received reflected our true character? Is it not revealing something about us? We are not mature enough to accept corrections. We think we are very okay all the time and this could be the reason why people wait for Kubool to remind us that we are little devils and clansmen with Iddi Amin and Adolf Hitler.
For most of us, we know it all, and when corrected, we are out to kill the messenger with a double barrel. We are so defensive and austere, no one can tell us where we are wrong and retain our friendship.

Our society needs people true to their words that they can stand with Clear Conscience before the entire Universe and maintain the opinion they harbored in their closets.
This however is not the case, for we tell how bad our politicians are privily, but when they come to bleed the public money into our private affairs, we bow down and say Tano Tena (Five more years), and by doing so, we ratify impunity and poor governance. We are guilty of double standards and that is why the architects of oppressive regimes don’t trust our public opinions because privately, we dance to the same tune with them.

Kubool has shouted from the hilltop, and let no one pretend that they didn’t hear!

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