Say Hi and I will Post Something About You


Mondays ranks highly in the list of the busiest days of the week. People are from the weekend break and for many people, the weekend assignments are yet to be done, and the added pressure of the new week. Monday is not the time to maximize your social media presence. 

I made this mistake on 4th of April 2021 and I would not wish to have someone else going through the same. 

Mistake is  an overstatement. It was supposed to be fun, but it didn’t and turned into a rather little jail. 

So how did it all begin? 

A WhatsApp status update from a friend I highly respect. If I knew it was a game with exponential possibilities, I would have opted out, but I was caught in the middle. It was a lofty and a generous offer: “Say hi, and I will post something about you“. 

It feels good when others celebrate us and boost our worth among the folks. It pampers our ego and invites us to the table of fame and popularity. In fact, if we are not so careful, we may end up in the delusions of grandeur. 

So when I said hi, boom! I got served the course outline of the game. The first thing was that I had to replicate the same text on my wall which I accepted. The second one was that I send my best pic to be hanged on their wall as they say something about me, and this is where the hell broke loose! 

It had nothing to do with his statement, but the replicated text, “Say Hi and I will post something about you”. 

I was literally bombarded with ‘hi’ that I would not meet the pressure. As all Mondays, I was laying the foundation of the week, and it could be detrimental to the graph I was plotting. Here was a market failure, for the supply could not meet the overwhelming demand. The market was not clearing, and I ended up literally having a lot of prisoners on that day, something that must have interfered with the rapport I may have made before. Now this wasn’t the worst, I made a terrible mistake when I responded to a sample, instead of the population, and none could understand my non-probability sampling, cause I had not disclosed my sampling frame.

Whereas those that I celebrated felt good and wowed, the rest who ended up speaking to themselves ended up disappointed, and honestly I felt so bad about it, because I knew it made them look less important to me, which was not the case. The fact is that, I didn’t have the luxury of time as it seemed, and I ended up attracting a demand I couldn’t supply, and it messed a few relationships here and there. 

So maybe I should probably start by tendering my sincere apologies to those I disappointed, some of which could be one of my greatest readers, and could have been intrigued by this awesomely disturbing title. ‘I am sorry, I was caught in a music, whose increasing decibels I couldn’t pluck, and I messed up with your precious trust. Kindly understand and have me forgiven. I will be more careful next time and ensure I maintain my policy of zero non response. 

This taught me some valuable lessons about life that I will always put in practice. 

The first one is that don’t mix social media presence with duty. You may end creating a popular current your way, and fail to meet its demand and lose your believers. If you don’t have the latitude of time, just follow silently during the breaks and wait for the favorable days, which again you may be disappointed, as you may have a supply with no adequate demand, and you must understand the same way the disappointed customers had to understand. 

Secondly, I learnt that people love being celebrated. People love being spoken well of, being recognized for something great they have accomplished even in a small way. Do not joke with the people’s need to be celebrated. It is so precious to them. It boosts their self worth and makes them feel good about themselves. If you don’t have the time to devote, don’t invite them to your party, then leave them alone to suffer ignominy and a dire want of attention. 

Finally, you must be careful before you accept a deal. Don’t just sign up for a deal because it seems ripe and ready. It may look good that you are invited to a party, but try working your own party. Work on your personal worth with opportunities which God have generously availed to all, that you get to a point when people do not have otherwise but to give you a standing ovation. Create some popular current towards your name. Make them long to have you in their midst. Give them a reason to quote you in their speeches. Make them think about you, when they think about an inspiring individual. Make them desire your presence, not out of sympathy, but because they cannot help, but choose you again and again. 

May I will finish this way:

“There is only one way under high heaven to get anybody to do anything. Did you ever stop to think of that? Yes, just one way. And that is by making the other person want to do it. Remember, there is no other way. Of course, you can make someone want to give you his watch by sticking a revolver in his ribs. YOU can make your employees give you cooperation—until your back is turned— by threatening to fire them. You can make a  child do what you want it to do by a whip or a threat. But these crude methods have sharply undesirable repercussions. The only way I can get you to do anything is by giving you what you want. What do you want?” 

Dale Carnegie.

17 thoughts on “Say Hi and I will Post Something About You

  1. You made me remember a certain similar incidence where I was asked to select a choice,update on my WhatsApp status and tell my 5th viewer some words that are meant for those in a relationship. Having gents as frequent status viewers, I opposed the idea but what followed lies between me and the poster.
    And yes, here I have learnt some great lessons,just to quote;

    ” If you don’t have the latitude of time, just follow silently during the breaks and wait for the favorable days, which again you may be disappointed, as you may have a supply with no adequate demand, and you must understand the same way the disappointed customers had to understand.”-Ossie,The Cleaver Of Truth.
    Great piece.Fly higher sir,fly higher.

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  2. Interesting piece, though I missed the meme when it was trending. When you fail to recognise people, they may develop an attitude towards you, even though you did it with no intention of making anyone look small.

    Liked by 1 person

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