5 Reasons why you are not as successful as you would Want.

The nature of the world as it is, is that a few people control everything while an outstanding majority are left an option not better than servitude. In All yardsticks of success only a few individuals stand out.If we talk about the richest people, we will think about the Bezos, the Elon, Bill and a […]

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Who Taught Him?

We are fascinated by psychologists,In fact you could be studying to be one,But I’m liking the first psychologist,He borrowed no one’s idea, but ye all are studying his ideas and it’s working out for you in the field when we seek psycho-social support. The planes look magnificent as they glide through the atmospheric heaven,Obeying the […]

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Behind the Shadows of Kubool

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ As we began another face of lockdown in an attempt to contain the ravenous COVID-19 which kept on spreading like the fires of Savannah, almost everyone I share with an end to end encrypted space on WhatsApp had a coping mechanism. I don’t know if this trend had anything to do with the marauding […]

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